Runko- ja rakennesuunnittelu

Perussuunnittelusta detalji- ja valmistussuunnitteluun - luo 3D-malleja ja kaikki tuotannon tarvitsema tieto - automaattisesti.

CADMATIC Hull and Structural design on CAD/CAM-ohjelmisto laivan runkosuunnitteluun, joka alkaa perussuunnittelusta ja dokumentaation luokituksesta ja etenee täydelliseen 3D-detaljimalliin, tuotantodokumentaatioon ja -dataan. Samalla järjestelmä luo automaattisesti kaiken tuotannon tarvitseman tiedon, olipa kyse miten monimutkaisesta hankkeesta tahansa.

Katso demowebinaari

Hull Basic Design

3D modeling of the entire hull structure starting from hull surface import up to a complete project. Alongside 3D modelling, General Arrangements and other drawings can be generated and information for class approval prepared.

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Hull Detailed Design

The core module of the CADMATIC Hull Application used for 3D modeling of the hull structure from basic design up to detailed and production engineering of hull blocks, assemblies, panels and parts.

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Hull production Information

Accurate, automatic and customizable output for hull production suitable for any manufacturing process. It includes interfaces and solutions that support automatic production, prefabrication and assembly lines.

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Hull Viewer

A unique tool for fast 3D hull model inspection with flythrough, orbit and spinning visualization. It helps to define work packages and organize the work breakdown structure.

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Shell Plate Development

Develop shell plates in 3D and extract complete production data extremely accurately.

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Plate Nesting

The CADMATIC Plate Nesting module is used to nest part geometries fully automatically and to optimize the use of raw plate materials to minimize material waste.

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Interfaces and file formats

Various eXchangers allow data to be exchanged between different software programs with options to include metadata or keep reference models only. Documents for construction can be output in the most common formats, such as DWG and PDF, and delivered in the required manner.

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