Plate Nesting

Minimize material waste and optimize raw plate material usage with the CADMATIC Plate Nesting module.


Key benefits

  • Can be used in interactive mode, automatic nesting mode or a combination of the two modes
  • Bridges,  start holes, marking, text, bevels, net. weights, cutting lengths, rapid movement and time estimates
  • The module outputs nesting sketches, optimized NC code and nest reports for the workshop
  • Includes ''smart'' remnant handling and automatic grouping of parts
  • Supports flame, plasma and laser cutting machines
Plate Nesting

Automatic hull plate nesting

The CADMATIC Plate Nesting module processes the CADMATIC Hull part geometries directly, but also accepts part geometries from other systems in standard DXF file format. The Plate Nesting module offers functionality for creating/modifying part geometries, remnant handling, automatic cutting path creation and the generation of NC code for cutting machines.

Optional features for the CADMATIC Nesting module are Advanced Autonesting, Bevel-3: bevel cutting with a 3-torch flame cutting head, Bevel-1: bevel cutting with a single torch plasma head and Text Marking: marking text with inkjet and similar devices.


Kyma: Yacht design with CADMATIC

One of Kyma (formerly 3J Yachting) most recent projects was a 44-meter alloy yacht for San Lorenzo Shipyard. The diagrams were designed and the technical layout was defined first, after which the structural blocks were completed and the last drawings for piping were finished, all with CADMATIC software.

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"CADMATIC has its own characteristics and it differentiates itself from its competitors, since it is easier to operate and much more efficient. It also saves man hours and improves our engineering quality."

More Chen, Chief Engineer

Shanghai Respect

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Interested to see how you can quickly create a block of a ship from scratch with CADMATIC Hull?

Jan Broos, Senior Sales Manager at CADMATIC shows and explains how to create a block of a tanker from scratch using CADMATIC Hull Software.

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