Take your project review to new heights

Key benefits

  • Virtually walk through the project to check details of any object
  • Easily combine or compare several 3D models, and check designs for clashes
  • Use markups for discussions with other project partners
  • Load point clouds to compare new designs with existing structures

eBrowser makes project review a breeze. You can walk through your 3D model, combine several models in one, or compare models. You can also check collisions, easily locate objects and check their details, take measurements, import laser-scanned point clouds, and leave notes (markups) on top of the 3D model.

Another great feature is the extremely small file size, only approx. 10MB per project! You can easily share your project 3D model via email or a messaging application like Microsoft Teams.

Why wait, download eBrowser now to boost your project review and communication. Select your industry below to read more about the application of eBrowser in your business area.

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Construction workers working with 3D model

eBrowser for marine & offshore projects

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Industry plant inside

eBrowser for process industry projects

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