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Engineering management platform for accurate and easy data sharing.

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Collaborative teamwork management

Teamwork management tool to get your teams across diverse engineering disciplines like process, mechanical, and instrumentation to work as one towards achieving project goals. Enhance the cohesiveness of project development and reduce miscommunications and inefficient ways of working, thereby streamlining project progress.

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Customization and interoperability

Data exchange tool with full set of APIs allows you to customize communication workflows and behaviors to suit your specific needs. The APIs also facilitate seamless engineering data exchange with Cadmatic and external solutions like P&ID and process simulation software, enhancing interoperability and integrating the solution with your tech ecosystem.

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Project data management

No industry is the same, so we’ve designed CADMATIC Engineering to allow fully customizable data models and workflows. Just tailor the software to the different kinds of industries you work in. Being adaptable means you are more efficient in managing your project data and can successfully meet the specific needs of each industry.

Why CADMATIC Engineering

Collaborate efficiently among multidisciplinary teams, thereby ensuring that data is consistent and controlled.

Adapt the data model and workflow to a wide variety of projects and industries, making the tool versatile and user-friendly.

Manage changes and workflows effectively, allowing for controlled data modification and integration with other systems.

Streamline productivity with an Excel-like interface that simplifies the learning process and saves time.

Maintain data control and consistency, reducing the risk and impact of data changes while promptly identifying discrepancies.

Implement in the cloud to retain flexibility and scalability or on premise as per your organizational and IT requirements.

Multidisciplinary teams may struggle with collaboration, leading to disorganized and inconsistent data.

Workflow rigidity could hinder adaptability to diverse projects and industries, reducing efficiency.

Absence of change tracking could result in uncontrolled modifications, increasing the risk of errors.

Prolonged onboarding time due to complex or non-intuitive user interfaces, decreasing productivity.

Higher likelihood of data inconsistencies and redundancy without centralized data control mechanisms.

You are limited to a fixed deployment methods, potentially lacking the flexibility to choose between cloud and on-premise solutions.