Whistleblower Channel


At Cadmatic, we believe in open and ethical operations. We are committed to maintaining an open organizational culture where anyone can report suspicions actions that go against the public interest without being victimized or discriminated against.

It is vitally important that anyone can immediately report any suspected or observed activities that go against the public interest.

Legislative basis

The so-called EU Whistleblower directive (EU) 2019/1937 is being prepared by the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment.

The objectives of the Whistleblower directive and national legislation of EU member states include:

  • Creating uniform minimum requirements for the protection of whistleblowers in both the public and private sectors in the EU
  • Creating effective protection for whistleblowers

The channel can be used to report the following:

  • Fraud, corruption, and other illegal activity related to the realization of the EU’s costs or the collection of the EU’s income and assets
  • Infringements that relate to the EU’s internal market, e.g., the EU’s competition rules and government support rules
  • Infringements that relate to the internal market to the extent the infringement concerns actions that violate corporation tax rules or arrangements that aim to obtain tax benefit contrary to the objective or purpose of the applicable corporate tax rule
  • Infringements that result in a threat to public interest or that result in a severe threat to the public interest if its consequences include considerable risks for the wellbeing of society

When to file a report

Cadmatic's reporting channel service is provided by the Finnish Central Chamber of Commerce.

The reporting channel gives everyone the opportunity to report suspected cases of activity that goes against the public interest.

The report can be filed either anonymously or under the whistleblower’s name (see How to file a report below for more). The reporting procedure is encrypted, and password protected. All reports are processed in strict confidence.

If you notice or suspect activity that goes against the public interest, use the reporting channel to report the matter immediately.

How to file a report

You can file a report in the reporting channel here.

The Finnish Central Chamber of Commerce is an independent service provider and ensures the anonymity of whistleblowers. Cadmatic or the Central Chamber of Commerce cannot identify the source of the report, unless the whistleblower wants to disclose his/her contact details. No metadata related to the reports is saved and the channel cannot identify the IP address of the whistleblower. The whistleblower and the persons processing the report can interact each other without risking their anonymity.

Nothing prevents a whistleblower from disclosing his/her contact details in the reporting channel.

Customer feedback

The whistleblower reporting channel is not for ordinary customer feedback. Please use the normal feedback channels here.

Processing of reports

All reports are processed in strict confidence and there will be no negative consequences for anyone who honestly reports their suspicions and/or investigates activities that go against the public interest. However, the misuse of the reporting channel i.e., the intentional reporting of incorrect information can result in further actions.

The processing of the report is started by the company’s legal counsel with the person responsible for industrial security matters. They decide how to further process the report and who will participate. Cadmatic’s CEO and the Chair of the Cadmatic’s Board of Directors are always notified of a report.

To ensure that the report is processed appropriately, Cadmatic’s management and the necessary experts participate. Only appointed people who are bound by the obligation of secrecy can access the reports. This ensures confidentiality.

Leaving a report unprocessed

All reports are taken seriously. A report will not be processed if it is apparent that:

  • The report is not related to the matters covered in these instructions
  • The report has been filed dishonestly
  • The report does not contain enough information
  • The issue has already been resolved

Reports that contain private information, e.g., about health, political, sexual, or religious matters will not be processed.

Investigating a report

The following principles guide investigations:

  • All reports are processed in strict confidence
  • A person who the report is about or who is connected to it does not participate in processing the report. However, such a person can be heard if it helps to resolve the matter.
  • If necessary, the people processing the report can anonymously ask the whistleblower further questions
  • The people processing the report do not try to identify the whistleblower

Responding to a report

Cadmatic’s legal counsel gives Cadmatic’s response either through the reporting channel or directly to the whistleblower if they have left their contact details. The concerned members of Cadmatic’s management team are informed of the reports and responses.

Report filed under the whistleblower’s name

If the report is filed under the whistleblower’s name, the name will not be made known to anyone except the people processing the report.

If a report concerns a crime, the whistleblower is notified that their identity may be revealed in a criminal investigation by the authorities.

Protection of persons identified in a report

Legislation concerning data privacy is applied to the personal data of the persons related to the report. The confidentiality of personal data is also guaranteed.

Persons related to the report have the right to review the information in the reporting channel and demand that action is taken if the information is incorrect, incomplete, or outdated.

Deleting data

All data related to the whistleblower is deleted once it is no longer needed to investigate the matter, respond to the report, or for possible further actions.