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Construction management system to ensure your construction site success.

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Integrated prefabrication management

With this prefabrication management tool you go beyond analysis by seamlessly linking with any procurement software! Incorporate delivery times into the prefabrication analysis process to ensure that you're always working with the latest information. Optimize your production process for maximum efficiency and ensure the most efficient prefabrication process.

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Simplified warehouse management

Tracking tool that streamlines warehouse management at your construction site. Keep track of materials, tools, and equipment with ease while reducing waste at the same time. Keep your construction project on schedule and within budget by ensuring that everything is at the right place at the right time.

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Comprehensive weld tracking

Weld management tool that takes your weld management to a new level! Meticulously monitor every welding aspect – from tracking individual welds and welders to managing NDT. Ensure high-quality results, maintain safety standards, and provide valuable insights into your welding operations with a state-of-the-art tracking system.

Why CADMATIC Construction

Monitor and manage every aspect of your construction project effectively by integrating various data sources for comprehensive project management.

Reduce costs and improve project quality with real-time and forecast analyses, comprehensive reports, and progress monitoring.

Detect material shortages at the construction site and reschedule work packs when necessary by controlling the movement and storage of materials in warehouses and by optimizing stock quantities based on real-time information.

Ensure compliance with project specifications and provide complete traceability of each weld, associated NDT, welders, and other project details.

Store welder information, track defect rates, and issue production reports.

Implement in the cloud to retain flexibility and scalability or on premise as per your organizational and IT requirements.

The lack of integration of various data sources makes it difficult to monitor and manage your construction project effectively. You spend unnecessary time correcting errors.

Due to the lack of real-time and forecast analyses projects suffer from lower quality and increased costs.

You do not have a proper handle on whether sufficient materials are available and on site or where materials are. May result in construction delays or non-optimal storage.

Unable to ensure compliance with project specification or only partly do so. Reliance on subjective evaluations instead of hard data.

Lack of control regarding welder information and defects leads to suboptimal management and decision-making.

You are limited to a fixed deployment methods, potentially lacking the flexibility to choose between cloud and on-premise solutions.