CADMATIC Projects™

Project control software

A project management tool to keep you on top of scheduling, budgeting, and progress monitoring. 

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Be on time

Better control of your schedule

Optimize the use of time with this prompt project scheduling tool. Once the schedule is ready, thousands of schedule activities are transformed into summarized and detailed progress reports in a few steps based on a homogeneous weighting system.

  • Enable cross-reporting of EPC activity
  • Customize cut-offs and calendars
  • Evaluate the quality of your schedule
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Stay within budget

Improved budget control

Project budgeting tool improves your budgeting work by using different kinds of reports to monitor if you are on time and on budget, according to set milestones.

  • Collect spent hours at any level
  • Analyze and report earned value

Make better decisions

Visualize and share progress in 4D

Project sharing tool helps you make informed decisions based on the overall health of the project and ensure that resources are being effectively allocated to complete the project on time and within budget.

  • 4D view of the complete project 24/7 anywhere
  • Implementation in weeks not months
  • Visualize the construction sequence

Why CADMATIC Projects

Map work with costs, reducing unknowns into quantifiable factors.

Create a data-based framework to take actions and make decisions for the future.

Intervene fast and ahead of time to not miss deadlines and milestones

Reporting level to LEVEL 5

Provide insight into the big picture in an easy visual manner.

Implement in the cloud to retain flexibility and scalability or on premise as per your requirements.

There is a limited ability to map work with costs, resulting in increased unknowns and difficulties in quantifying factors. This can lead to cost overruns and budgetary challenges.

Inability to take informed actions and make strategic decisions for the future. This can result in suboptimal project planning, resource allocation, and overall project performance.

Project teams struggle to identify and address issues in a timely manner. This can lead to missed deadlines, project delays, and potential contractual penalties.

Wihtout LEVEL 5 reporting it is challenging to effectively monitor and communicate project status and performance to stakeholders.

Project teams don't see the big picture and/or do not understand the interdependencies between different project elements. This can hinder effective communication, coordination, and collaboration among team members. 

You are limited to a fixed deployment methods, potentially lacking the flexibility to choose between cloud and on-premise solutions.

Easy and fast integration into your existing planning solution

Continue working the way you want with your existing project planning solution and easily integrate CADMATIC Projects to enable 4D project control.

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