New software version 2023T2

The latest version of CADMATIC software (2023T2) is absolutely packed with exciting new features. We've made designers' lives easier and elevated the user experience to a whole new level!

Outfitting/3D Plant Design

  • Isometric document production is now faster and easier than ever! We’ve introduced new features to control the content of isometric documents automatically or semi-automatically. Isometric documents now also have new labels for nominal size changes.
  • Hole requests are automatically updated if the trigger object has been modified. When a designer changes the nominal size of a pipe or moves a pipe, cable tray, duct, or equipment, the associated hole request is automatically updated to match the changes in the model.
  • We have improved the interoperability between Plant Modeller and eShare. You can now directly open eShare in a web browser from markups in Plant Modeller, and users are notified when new markups are assigned to them.


  • You can now edit P&ID objects easier and faster than before with our new editable P&ID object property pane. You can open the pane on a separate screen or dock it to CADMATIC P&ID depending on what is most convenient..


  • You can now create slanted brackets between parallel profiles, face plates and shell frames in plan view and in cross-section. As such brackets are not part of the plate construction, it is especially quick and easy to create a series of these brackets in cross-section in one go.
  • The CADMATIC Hull Viewer is now powered by a completely new 3D engine. The new engine allows for larger models, more efficient rendering, and takes ship design a step closer to a 3D design future. The feel and appearance are more refined and in line with CADMATIC Outfitting.

Information Management

  • eShare models can now be split into submodels for even more efficient ways of working. This great new feature will allow users to run much larger models with ease. In eShare App, you can select to load one or multiple submodels instead of the full model at startup. If there is a link in the model to an object that is not present in any of the loaded submodels, eShare prompts the user to load submodels containing the object.
  • We've introduced several new search features in eGo. You can use quick search, or, for more options, advanced search for markups, smart points, or even eShare documents.


  • You can now create groups of protective devices in wiring diagrams, which eases the design of efficient wiring systems and their management.
  • We’ve improved symbol selection: you can now define your favorite symbols and select symbols from other (closed) drawings.

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Read the full Release Highlights here