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Join the Cadmatic family and do something meaningful. Let your love for technology and drive for continuous improvement guide your career path in a fantastically diverse and exciting working environment.

Why join us?

We are a family. When you start working at Cadmatic you join a family. You immediately notice the difference when you walk through the door. There is a friendly, relaxed, and flexible atmosphere. Everybody from the CEO and top management are open and approachable anytime. Your colleagues have your back, they really go out of their way to help you succeed. We care about each other.

Our work has meaning. The tools we develop are used to create a safer and cleaner future. We empower our customers to imagine, design and bring to life buildings, ships and industrial plants which are safer, more environmentally friendly, and more efficient. If you want to do your part to create this future, Cadmatic is the place to be.

We love technology and continuously improving. We are seriously curious about how things work. And when they don’t work, we enjoy fixing them. At Cadmatic, it’s really up to you how you grow and improve. We are continuously improving as individuals and as a company, and we believe in giving you that opportunity as well. We’re on this journey together, and even if it feels like you’re in at the deep end, we will be there with you!

We’re international, growing, & full of opportunities. On your first day at Cadmatic you notice how international, multicultural, and amazingly diverse we are. We have offices in 16 countries and employees from 21 nationalities. We have grown quickly and have set ambitious targets; we’re definitely going places.

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Values that guide our daily actions and interactions

Our values
  • Continuously improving
  • Succeeding together
  • We make it come true
  • Delighting customers

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