New software version 2022T3

The latest version of CADMATIC software (2022T3) is absolutely packed with exciting new features. We've made designers' lives easier and elevated the user experience to a whole new level!

Outfitting/3D Plant Design

  • We made it much easier for you to insert pipe fittings such as valves, supports and outlets. In addition to the automatic insert of standard components, we’ve combined the into, onto and outlet commands into one power command.
  • You can now seamlessly edit the slope of a continuous set of pipes with a single command while slope check ensures that your pipes are in the required design slope.
  • The new Isometric Production Check function certifies the manufacturability and installability of your pipes. It instantly checks collisions, delivered pipe lengths, specifications, weld clearance, bending, and slopes. We are sure you’ll love how this will boost the quality of your design and speed up installation. Even better, it will help us do our bit for the environment by reducing material waste.
  • You can now create high-quality documents faster. Section views can be created with one command that inserts markers and creates the related section views.
  • Benefit from more sophisticated and automated integrations to other design or PLM systems. We've added location and transform features to EDM integration objects, and it’s also much easier to search for, manage, and review external objects in Plant Modeller.


  • P&ID design is now even more user friendly! You can look forward to easier drafting and object insertion with a new document format.


    • We've added new types of hull lines where shapes of different hull groups intersect. This means you can now create shell plates with pipe-to-pipe connections or more sophisticated shell plates with relations to shell plates from other hull groups.
    • Enhancements to work breakdown 3D sketches have made assembly at each step even easier! You can now present weld lines of all parts and the pen can be customized for previous step items in the panel. The system calculates the center of gravity of solid items at each label step. The COG is displayed on the item in the sketch for the assembly step in question.

    Information Management

    • The map in the new eShare interface now packs a lot more punch! Some of the improved features include the easy addition and use of the camera, efficient filtering and viewing of smart points and markups, and easier control of the clip box in map view. Give it a go and let us know what you think!


    • Sheet mode is now also available for cabinet layout, so you no longer need to place different object types on separate layers. All the objects in single sheets/distribution boards are conveniently on a single SLEHTI layer. It’s easier to draw mounting plates and doors side by side and the most common way to present distribution board parts in layout drawings.
    • We've optimized our database even further. With our new version, you can open, save, and close all dialogs via drawings faster than ever before.

    Read full Release Highlights

    Read the full Release Highlights here