Pella Sietas

Pella Sietas designing massive icebreaker with CADMATIC

In December 2019, Pella Sietas Shipyard in Hamburg, Germany an­nounced the signing of a contract for the con­struction of a massive icebreaker of ice class Icebreaker7. The vessel is set to be delivered to ROSMORPORT in Russia in 2023.

CADMATIC software is being used for the vessel’s hull class approval, hull and outfitting detail design, the generation of a wide range of production drawings in­cluding installation and manufac­turing, as well as for the creation of hull and pipe fabrication CAM files. In addition, the CADMATIC eBrowser review tool is used on the project for supervision pur­poses by the shipyard and the customer. 

According to the CADMATIC Administrators, Harry Ehlert (Outfitting) and Andreas Claus (Hull), at Pella Sietas, the design of the completely new type of vessel and its very high ice class, as well as the related production process­es make the project especially challenging. This included the use of hull plates, profiles and pipes according to the Russian classifica­tion society.

The 120 m-long icebreaker will be able to sail through ice of up to 2.5 m in thickness thanks to the flat and curved underside of its bow. The vessel will do duty in the Arctic Ocean as part of ROSMORPORT’s large fleet of icebreaking vessels. ROSMORPORT provides icebreaking assistance services to vessels in 15 freezing seaports of the Russian Federation and their approaches as well as vessels in ice fields and other sea waters.

The 120 m-long icebreaker will be operated by ROSMOPORT. 

The 120 m-long icebreaker will be operated by ROSMOPORT. 

Experienced CADMATIC user

Pella Sietas has used the CADMATIC Hull application for more than 25 years. In 1998, when CADMATIC Hull was already in use, the shipyard started looking for a suitable 3D CAD system. After test­ing several systems, it was decided to also start using CADMATIC Out­fitting software. The integration with the Hull application and the very easy handling were key fac­tors in this decision.

Efficient visualization and navigation in the 3D model

Harry Ehlert is responsible for cus­tomizing the administration of the CADMATIC database, as well as the interfaces to Hull, CAM, and ERP. He is satisfied with CADMATIC’s performance.

“The main difference between CADMATIC and other software packages is the very efficient visualization and navigation in the 3D model. For outfitting tasks, it is very comfortable, and it makes it easy to keep the focus on project tasks, instead of using the time for navigation. With CADMATIC, you can manage any challenge,” says Harry.

A better overview of materials in 3D model

Pella Sietas indicates that CADMATIC has improved the ship­yard’s work significantly. Features like inline equipment for the basic layout, piping, and isometrics and spools are greatly appreciated. The software gives the shipyard a better overview of all the mate­rials in the 3D model and allows them to use CAM benefits for both hull parts and pipes. “Actually, CADMATIC helped us to be more open-minded with regards the in­tegration of ERP systems and other systems in the future,” Harry adds.

Pella Sietas is located on the Este river near Hamburg. 

Pella Sietas is located on the Este river near Hamburg. 

Business and efficiency benefits

Tools like the CADMATIC eBrowser and CoDesigner are also widely used at Pella Sietas. eBrows­er is used throughout the whole company to reduce the amount of drawings. It is also used by customers and sub-contractors. The CoDesigner is used for the ex­change of basic design information via FTP.

“Like all software programs, im­provements and adaptions could always be made according to our needs, but overall it is very easy to use and works well. I think compa­nies that do their own engineering and production, engineering site offices, or even companies that do not do their own engineering will benefit greatly by using CADMATIC software,” Harry concludes.