Information Management for Marine Industry

Cadmatic’s information management software supports the digitalization of the Marine Industry with information visualization, sharing, and management solutions.

The CADMATIC information management product family bridges the information gap between design applications and the shipbuilding phase. We give you solutions for visualizing, managing, and sharing information in your ship design and shipbuilding projects.

CADMATIC eShare is the ideal platform to create a digital twin throughout your project. It supports information flow at any project stage, facilitates and supports production and installation, and boosts communication.

The CADMATIC eBrowser viewer is the ultimate project review tool. It allows users to walk through the 3D model, make comments, and combine several models into one.

CADMATIC eGo brings mobility to project reviews on Windows tablets while project metrics can be monitored with FollowApp on mobile phones.

eShare for HoloLens provides a new interactive design and engineering experience in augmented reality where digital 3D models reside in the real-world environment.