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CADMATIC Electrical – Solution for Marine electrical & automation

A complete solution for your marine design and documentation needs from instrumentation and automation engineering to switchboard layout design.

Key benefits

  • Everything you need for electrical, implementation, and automation design
  • Make teamwork easy with multi-user and database features
  • Maximize workflow flexibility on projects of any size
  • Receive accurate data and quality assurance
  • Integrate with other Cadmatic design applications
  • Centralize your data management
  • Generate and reuse options to save time and increase efficiency

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Tutorial videos

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Importing Cable list from Excel and generation of block diagram

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Electrical integration with eShare

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Electrical integration with PID

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Electrical integration with Outfitting

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Cable Router and Electrical integration

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CADMATIC Electrical-Circuit design

Software demos

Maximize your design output with CADMATIC Electrical. Our integrated and high-level features provide an industry-first solution to your electrical and automation engineering. Achieve maximum project quality and time savings with Cadmatic’s flexible, comprehensive software.

We offer

  • A complete solution for your ship design software needs
  • Decades of industry expertise at your fingertips
  • Expert implementation and process support and advice
  • Flexible licensing 

General webinar

Discover CADMATIC Electrical and the possibilities it holds for your business. Find out how your shipbuilding projects can benefit from the most comprehensive electrical and automation design system available.

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Technical webinar

Everything you need for electrical and automation engineering including design, documentation, navigation and more.

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Generation & external import options

In-depth examples demonstrating how CADMATIC Electrical benefits you in practice.

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  • All electrical diagrams and arrangement drawings with one software 

    CADMATIC Electrical’s key deliverables include CAD drawings like single and multi-line diagrams, wiring diagrams, block diagrams, cabinet and panel layout 2D/3D, electrical arrangement drawings, Excel, PDF and CAD reports like cable schedules, device lists, bills of materials etc. With CADMATIC Electrical, you can create the whole scope of documentation that is required for electrical, instrumentation, and automation engineering. All drawings, diagrams, and reports can be created with one easy-to-use software platform.

  • Choose the work methods that suits the best 

    CADMATIC Electrical offers several working methods which allows you to develop your design processes for the utmost efficiency regardless of your customer requirements. Generate your documentation from standardized project modules, reuse your previous projects or design the documentation from scratch. Generation and re-use are the main means to achieve faster project delivery and save time. CADMATIC Electrical will help you to achieve your goals for high project quality and a motivated workforce.

  • Intelligent object and data management supported with easy navigation 

    In CADMATIC Electrical, all elements like devices, cables etc. can have multiple occurrences in different electrical diagrams or arrangement drawings. With centralized data management, it is considered a single element with several occurrences. You only need to create or import the element once. After the object is created, additional occurrences for other documents can easily be inserted or assigned via the project tree, for example.

    Elements can have occurrences in diagrams, electrical arrangement drawings, or in cabinet and panel layout drawings. After editing object information via one occurrence, all other occurrences of the same element are updated automatically. With navigation tools, it is easy to find all occurrences regardless of the document type. You can always compare the documents and reports with previous versions to track and highlight the changes and safeguard the quality of your projects.

  • Smart device management is crucial for time saving 

    Device management is crucial when designing complex vessels that are filled with sophisticated equipment. The designer needs to take care of quantities and data accuracy throughout the project documentation; there is no room for error as mistakes become costly.

    To manage electrical equipment throughout a project, CADMATIC Electrical uses device template technology in the form of Product models. With it, the user can manage all device related data, such as 2D symbols and 3D models, technical or additional data, product data, terminal numbers, and plates. It makes it easy for the user to create and maintain their own equipment libraries with detailed information. When a device is added to a project document, the corresponding data is automatically included in Electrical documents, reports, and in the Outfitting 3D model. If the need arises to change the value of a data field or a piece of equipment, all-related occurrences are automatically updated throughout the project, including the graphical symbols. There is no need to edit devices individually!

  • Ensure quality with automated reports

    All reports in CADMATIC Electrical are automatically generated and can be updated with just 2 clicks. Reports can be generated in list mode in Excel or PDF or in graphical form in CAD. There are numerous report templates available in CADMATIC Electrical. In addition, users can easily create structured report templates with their own data fields. The report tool allows various filtering and sorting functions to include the data that matters the most.

    Some examples of report types available:

    • Device lists (by ID-s or BOM)
    • Cable and wiring lists
    • Circuit lists
    • I/O lists
    • Document lists etc.
  • Unlock next-level efficiency by integrating with other Cadmatic software solutions 

    Interdisciplinary collaboration is the key to better productivity and profitability. CADMATIC Electrical is deeply integrated with the Cadmatic product family: Outfitting, P&ID diagrams, and eShare.

    User benefits from integrated design environment

    • Drives down costs
    • Shortens lead-times
    • Reduces quality issues in design, manufacturing and supply chains
    • Increases productivity and profitability
    • Improves decision-making
    • Ensures data integrity
    • Reduces rework

  • Partnering with Microsoft Excel to raise your design efficiency 

    The CADMATIC Electrical integration with Microsoft Excel allows the use of Microsoft Excel in different ways to make design work more efficient and data rich. You can easily import and re-import massive amounts of data from Excel files to the Electrical project database and drawings without the need to retype the information in Electrical.

    Excel’s powerful editing tools allow user to easily respond to change needs, if required. All Electrical project data can be visualized in structured and tabular mode in the Electrical Database tool. The user-friendly tabular view of all project information in one window makes quality assurance easily feasible. The same data in its entirety or in filtered mode can be opened and edited in Excel quickly and easily. With its various features like the bulk-editing functionality, Excel brings magic to electrical design.

    Project data in Excel and template drawings can also be used to generate new electrical diagrams automatically. Groundwork in preparing templates and modules will lead to a future competitive advantage.

  • CADMATIC Electrical basic environment 

    CADMATIC Electrical is standalone database and Windows based 64-bit design application with its own complete Unicode CAD-platform. The database technology relies on Microsoft SQL or -Access. It is compatible with DWG, DXF, DRW and IFC formats and allows the import and export of PDFs and raster files. Project data can also be imported or exported to Microsoft Excel. CADMATIC Electrical can be used independently or integrated with other CADMATIC design applications.

Implementation of CADMATIC Electrical

In 2022, Glosten implemented CADMATIC Electrical after a rigorous evaluation process and comparison with competitor offerings. Some of the key features Glosten considered when evaluating the different electrical design software packages were database backends, project setup times, ease of use, functionality, and integration with other software packages.


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CADMATIC Electrical is the first comprehensive database-based solution for the different design and documentation needs of electrical and automation engineering in the marine industry: all electrical, instrumentation and automation engineering with one design application.

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