New software release 2024T1

The latest version of Cadmatic software (2024T1) is absolutely packed with exciting new features. We've made designers' lives easier and elevated the user experience to a whole new level!

Top Picks – what we are most excited about in 2024T1!

Outfitting/3D Plant Design

  • Piping isometric enhancements: Discover upgraded isometric drawings where your 2D annotations and custom labels are retained, enhancing clarity and usability.
  • Isometric setting preview: Easily visualize the impact of annotation settings on isometric drawings, ensuring optimal configuration before finalizing.
  • Pipe routing innovations: Navigate effortlessly to pipe sides and center points with additional navigation commands and start following a pipe seamlessly during routing.


  • Enhanced work breakdown structure (WBD): Experience our improved WBD for flexible, clear digital assembly access, even during workflow, via eShare.
  • Advanced shell plate design: Realize your complex shell plate designs directly in the 3D environment. Our enhanced design capabilities turn your ideas into reality with seamless precision.

Information Management

  • eShare browser scalability: The 2023T2 update's model splitting capability is now extended to the browser version of eShare, accompanied by experimental 64-bit memory use allowing up to 16 GB for models. Handle very large eShare models in your browser with greater ease and efficiency.


    • Web API improvements: For integration developers, our Rest API now supports dynamic model queries on the fly, with new query filters featuring regex operations, set operations, and array support for nested structures. This update brings greater flexibility and power to data handling.

    Read full Release Highlights

    Read the full Release Highlights here