Avoiding project delays – The need for advanced scheduling tools in EPC projects

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Written by Gian Mario Tagliaretti

Posted on September 25, 2023

Scheduling is far more than just a logistical necessity in EPC projects; it's a strategic component that can dictate the success or failure of the entire operation. However, with the limitations of traditional scheduling tools, project managers often find themselves struggling with delays, cost overruns, and even contractual penalties.

Challenges in traditional scheduling

Tools like Oracle© Primavera™ P6 and Microsoft© Project™, while robust and widely used, frequently lack the granularity required for scheduling in complex, modern EPC projects. These tools may not offer the flexibility needed for sudden changes in resource allocation or project scope, leaving project teams scrambling to adjust. When adjustments are necessary, they can be cumbersome to implement, leading to increased time consumption and a higher risk of errors.

The costs incurred from project delays are not just monetary; they can also lead to damaged reputations and lost opportunities for future projects. Financial implications can range from simple cost overruns to more severe consequences like contractual penalties or even legal disputes.

The necessity for advanced scheduling tools – introducing CADMATIC Projects™

In an increasingly complex and fast-paced industry, there's a pressing need for more advanced, detailed scheduling tools that provide real-time updates and facilitate quick adjustments. Automation and detailed reporting can substantially reduce manual errors, save time, and ensure that the project is consistently aligned with its objectives and milestones.

CADMATIC Projects™ offers a modern approach to EPC project scheduling and control. Its features, like Level 5 reporting, provide an unprecedented level of detail, allowing project managers to monitor progress in a granular fashion. Moreover, its 4D visualization capability allows stakeholders to view the complete project status in real-time, enabling better decision-making. CADMATIC Projects can be easily integrated with existing solutions like Oracle© Primavera™ P6 and Microsoft© Project™, making the transition smooth and hassle-free.

The software's homogeneous weighting system transforms thousands of schedule activities into summarized and detailed reports, enabling cross-reporting of EPC activities and enhancing schedule quality. This real-time, detailed information allows for swift intervention, ensuring that deadlines and milestones are met, thus reducing the risk of delays.


The evolution of EPC projects necessitates the adoption of advanced scheduling tools. CADMATIC Projects™ addresses the shortcomings of traditional project management software by providing a high level of detail, real-time updates, and seamless integration capabilities.

Get in touch with us so we can explore how CADMATIC Projects can take your EPC project management to the next level.