Companies can save hundreds of thousands of euros with flexible CAD software licensing

Posted on August 19, 2021

Cadmatic’s versatile and flexible licensing options provide the freedom of choice. Multiuser licenses can save companies hundreds of thousands of euros.

CAD software is a major investment for a company, and therefore the decision to purchase or change software is weighed carefully. A change may become necessary if software pricing or licensing changes increase the expense considerably, for example. At Cadmatic, software licensing and pricing have been designed to provide our customers with the freedom of choice.

“We provide various options, and the customer can choose the option that suits them the best, because the customer is the best expert to know what they really need” says Jyrki Metsola, Vice President of Construction at Cadmatic.

Multiuser licenses are a vital option for many companies, says Vice President for Construction at Cadmatic Jyrki Metsola.

Licenses for every purpose – Multiuser licenses reduce costs 

At Cadmatic, you can acquire a once-off software license so that after that you only pay for maintenance once a year. Another option is a time-based license that enables the use of Cadmatic software for the time needed only. If you choose this option, you pay a monthly fee which includes both the right of use and software maintenance.

Cadmatic also offers multiuser licenses which many other software providers have abandoned. If you choose a multiuser license, your company will have a certain number of licenses “floating” that anybody employed by the company can use. You can install the software on more workstations than there are licenses, and any specific installation can be used if any of the licenses is free at the moment.

“These floating online licenses are vital for many companies for them to operate productively, maintain their competitiveness, and keep down costs. According to one estimate, a company needs 4 times, or in some companies 7–11 times more workstation-bound licenses,” says Jyrki Metsola.

Daily work becomes more flexible when a software license is not bound to any one user or workstation. A multiuser license is perfect for decentralized design and engineering, for example.

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Big enough – small enough

“As a company, we are just the right size, that is big enough, to have capacity for the largest projects, and on the other hand, small enough to offer flexible service to customers of all sizes. We have our own offices in 16 countries all over the world. We always stay close to our customers and provide service in the local language,” says Sami Koponen.

Every customer receives a quick response regardless of their need or size of their company. According to our latest satisfaction survey conducted in November 2020, up to 85% of our customers are happy or very happy with Cadmatic.

Sami Koponen, CADMATIC Vice President – Process & Industry believes that flexible CAD licensing options help companies to remain competitive and profitable in challenging times.