Cybermarine – Design & engineering masterclass with CADMATIC

Integrated 3D design combines the best of both worlds

Singapore-based Cybermarine has created a strong reputation in the global maritime and energy industry with its design and engineering excellence. Apart from commercial cargo and passenger vessel newbuild designs, Cybermarine is well ahead of others in design of energy efficient (LNG propelled) vessels and also in the renewable energy segment. With operations spanning 3 decades, the company’s 110 engineers deliver newbuild designs and provide complete engineering consultancy in major refits, conversions, modifications, re-modifications, and retrofit projects.

CADMATIC is used at Cybermarine starting with basic design all the way up to the generation of production documentation. Amongst others, Cybermarine has completed more than 80 scrubber and BWTS retrofit projects with CADMATIC in just two years since 2019.

Mainak Banerjee, Business Development Director at Cybermarine appreciates the fact that CADMATIC has a good understanding of the needs and challenges faced by design and engineering companies.

“We have different demands from shipyards, and CADMATIC understands that. I think they are well ahead of others in this respect, at least in India and Singapore,” says Mainak.

He also emphasizes the value of strong support services.

“The CADMATIC Indian team headed by Mr. Roshansingh Navlur has always provided us with the required support on time, whether it’s training that needs to be arranged, new licences, or resolving any challenges.”

Catamaran-type pilot station vessel

Cybermarine recently completed the design of a catamaran-type pilot station vessel with CADMATIC. “Shatt Al-Arab” was built by Colombo Dockyard for the for General Company of Ports of Iraq (GCPI).

The vessel is used to transport pilots and provisions. It can accommodate 47 persons and provides station and necessary support for pilot boats.

“We used CADMATIC for an important part of the basic design and the complete detailed design of the pilot stations vessel with great success,” says Mainak.

Mainak has been impressed with how highly customizable CADMATIC is.

“Our users can easily customize the generation of drawings according to different project needs. The admin functions are also robust, which saves a considerable amount of time while creating 3D models.”

He adds that the CADMATIC P&ID, pipe modelling and spool generation modules are excellent in terms of time consumption and in training of new designers. Cybermarine has also been using CADMATIC for retrofit projects. “In retrofit projects, we often take scanned point cloud data into the CADMATIC environment and model new pipes and equipment, without any issues” says Mainak.

Quick start-up to working from home during Covid pandemic

The Covid pandemic caught everybody off-guard. Mainak indicates that CADMATIC’s flexibility, the database structure and the ease with which designers can learn to use the software were key factors in allowing Cybermarine to weather the storm at the beginning of the pandemic.

"We could start working from home with our CADMATIC project within the most optimum time and almost without any downtime at the start of the pandemic. This helped us and our customers to keep up the pace of deliveries.”