For Project Phases

Software tailored for every design phase in data-driven shipbuilding projects life-cycle

CADMATIC Marine Software Solutions can be used in all phases of ship design: initial, basic, detail design, production information, manufacturing, building, operation, maintenance and retrofitting.

Initial Design

CADMATIC empowers you to define general characteristics and dimensions of the vessel and outline specifications. In the fastest way possible, you can generate accurate general arrangement drawings, reuse existing designs and previously created projects, create diagrams and preliminarily locate the main equipment.

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Basic Design

CADMATIC ensures that the 3D model created is easy to handle later on for detail design. By using the fully interactive and easy-to-use 3D environment, CADMATIC speeds up the creation of arrangements and results in more accurate and clash-free designs.

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Detail Design and Production Information

With open, flexible, customizable and user-friendly attributes, CADMATIC ensures that the detail design phase is completed in the shortest time possible with the best quality designs. The intelligent and intuitive functionalities ensure that the models are accurately and efficiently designed and engineered. The topological data consists of relations between parts, which means that if a part is modified, the related parts change as well. This allows changes to be made easily and saves a lot of time during modifications.

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Up-to-date and error-free production data is seamlessly output for manufacturing from CADMATIC software. The information flows smoothly between cooperating organizations, which makes it easy to work together. The information is generated directly from CADMATIC, which speeds up the manufacturing process.

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Building (Assembly)

Thanks to the smooth information flow during the manufacturing phase, all parts used for a ship are provided in time and according to the automatically generated production information from the 3D model. Engineering data such as 3D review models and documents can be utilized during this phase.

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Operation & Maintenance

CADMATIC assists shipowners during operation by linking the 3D model to various operation and automation systems on board the vessel. Real-time information can be instantly displayed in an easy-to-use interface. It can, for example, be used by maintenance staff to visually illustrate the following week’s maintenance targets and to visualize the status of maintenance work.

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During the lifecycle of a ship, it may be necessary to retrofit or modernize the ship, for example, to meet new environmental standards. By using laser-scanning technology, areas on board can be mapped and the resultant point clouds imported into CADMATIC to guide the retrofit design. Using point clouds as a design reference in the 3D model allows greater pre-fabrication of process parts and ensures that process elements fit perfectly. It shortens the design process, improves quality and reduces production downtimes significantly.

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