About Us

We are passionate about empowering customers to achieve their goals and delighting them with customer service that exceeds expectations every time.

CADMATIC is a leading developer of digital and intelligent 3D-based design, engineering and information management software solutions for the marine, process, and construction industries. 

Our solutions are used for all kinds of ship, offshore, process plant, and building constructions. These constructions range from luxury yachts to the biggest cruise vessels and offshore platforms, shopping malls and business premises, and food and pharmaceutical projects to the largest power, chemical, oil & gas and pulp & paper projects.

CADMATIC - Succeeding together!

Our success is based on close cooperation with our clients and a thorough understanding of their needs, excellent customer service and agile software development. As a result, we offer the most efficient software solutions for modern and digital design, engineering and information management.

CADMATIC combines the benefits of an international and growing company, with the feel of a family-owned business. We have customers from all continents and colleagues from 20 different nationalities in 13 offices across nine countries. Additionally, we have certified sales and support partners in 15 countries.

CADMATIC is a dynamic and future-oriented company. Our target is to change the engineering world by raising the efficiency and profitability of engineering projects to a totally new level. We love challenges and we make things come true!

Every solution we create aims at achieving at least one of our customers’ key goals:

  • Shortening project lead times
  • Minimizing design errors in all project phases
  • Increasing efficiency of change management
  • Enhancing information accessibility

We work closely with our customers to keep our software solutions up to date with the demands of modern design, engineering, manufacturing and production companies.

Our values

  • Succeeding together!
  • Delighting customers!
  • Continuously improving!
  • We make it come true!

Mission and vision

We increase business efficiency in the marine, process, and construction industries by optimizing design, engineering, production, construction and information management processes throughout the entire life cycle of investment projects. We want to be globally recognized as the developer and provider of the most intelligent, efficient and innovative software solutions. Our solutions reduce investment and operating costs, shorten lead times, improve quality and increase profits in globally distributed working environments. We achieve this by combining software engineering skills with practical design, project and operational know-how.


The development of 3D design software was originally started in the mid 80's for in-house use by CADMATIC's mother company, Elomatic Ltd, to take advantage of 3D technology in improving the design, visualization, distribution and total cost efficiency of projects.

The development project for a 3D plant design program was started in 1983 and by 1985 the first pilot project using the new 3D technology was completed. Improvements in design and overall efficiency were remarkable and as such it was decided to found CADMATIC Ltd in the early 1990s with the responsibility of marketing and further developing CADMATIC 3D software.

It was at this time that CADMATIC also started its co-operation with Dutch partners Numeriek Centrum Groningen B.V. to develop comprehensive 3D design solutions for ship design under the NUPAS-CADMATIC brand name while continuing with plant design software development under the original CADMATIC name.

In September 2015 CADMATIC acquired all the shares and business operations of Numeriek Centrum Groningen, after which the companies’ operations were combined. At the same time all branding was united under the CADMATIC brand and product name.

In August 2019 acquired Finnish software company Kymdata and its CADS software for electrical and automation design. After the acquisition, CADMATIC’s business operations were divided into three customer segments: Marine, Process & Industry, and Construction.

CADMATIC's growth has been impressive since the early days with more than 6000 customer organizations in 60 countries to date.