Data exchange between CADMATIC and SiteBase enables better control of plant design projects

    Communication between CADMATIC and SiteBase software has evolved into a bidirectional workflow that lets mutual customers carry out and control industrial plant design projects more efficiently.

    CADMATIC Sponsored Winter Swimming Championships

    CADMATIC sponsored the Finnish championships in winter swimming, which were held from 1st to 3rd February. Close to one thousand winter swimmers gathered to compete in the Aura River in front of the new CADMATIC office.

    CADMATIC revenues up 29% – turnover over €20 million

    CADMATIC has achieved very strong growth and turnover figures for 2018: 29% growth resulting in record turnover of over €20 million. During the same period, the company’s number of staff has increased to over 140.

    Swiss Precision Engineering at Alba E&C

    Headquartered in the southermost part of Switzerland in Mendrisio near the Italian border, Alba E&C (Alba) is ideally located to serve a wide range of European industries. Part of the company's philosophy is integrating its engineering services with the most innovative data processing technologies available.

    Business News December 2018

    More than 1,000 companies currently use CADMATIC Marine and Plant Design software. Since the end of June we added over 30 new customers from Northern America, Europe and Asia to the CADMATIC users list. Besides, current customers continue investing in additional licenses. You will find a complete list of all new CADMATIC users below.

    CADMATIC helps Glosten think in 3D

    Glosten, located in Seattle, Washington and New Bedford, Massachusetts, USA, has used CADMATIC Marine software for several years now. After some detailed demonstrations in 2014, Glosten decided to start using CADMATIC software, mainly because they were impressed with CADMATIC’s ability to quickly build and process models for new projects and because of its early collision detection. Since then, Glosten has successfully used CADMATIC software on a wide range of design projects.

    Augmented reality with eShare for HoloLens - behind the scenes of AR technology application in design review

    AR solutions open the door to challenging traditional design limits and truly awaken the imagination. New technologies are coming onto the market more quickly and conveniently than before. Trying these new technologies and selecting those viable for implementation are part of everyday business at CADMATIC. This article follows the development of AR technology and its application in CADMATIC, culminating in the launch of eShare for HoloLens.

    CADMATIC receives highest credit rating from Bisnode

    We are happy to share good news with you that CADMATIC has got the highest credit rating AAA from Bisnode. We feel proud that our company has the lowest Credit Risk in the Dun & Bradstreet Credit Risk Classification. The honor belongs to us as well as to our loyal customers. We will continue succeeding together with our customers!

    Have you tried the new CADMATIC FollowApp?

    Wondering how your project is going and want to know the status? Want to make estimations for a new project based on data from the previous one? With CADMATIC FollowApp it’s only a few taps away. FollowApp uses the newest technologies. Data is stored using the cloud so that you can check project metrics on your mobile phone or tablet anywhere.

    CADMATIC 2018T3 now available

    The CADMATIC Release 2018T3 has been published in the support portal. Version 2018T3 focuses on accuracy in detailed 3D design and aims to help users to speed up everyday tasks.

    Gondan's first CADMATIC project launched

    VILJA, the most powerful icebreaking escort tug of its size in the world with hybrid/electrical propulsion, was designed with CADMATIC Marine Software and launched on October 8th at GONDAN Shipyard in Figueras, Spain.

    CADMATIC Users’ Meeting an outstanding success

    The recent CADMATIC Users’ Meeting 2018 held at the Joki Visitor and Innovation Centre in Turku, Finland was an outstanding success. Close to 250 participants from 24 countries took part in the two-day event from 12-13 September. The event included a get-together party, presentations by both CADMATIC staff and partner organizations, as well as workshops and a gala dinner.

    Meyer implements CADMATIC software for Finnish and German shipyards

    Meyer is boosting and harmonizing the outfitting design and construction of its cruise vessels by taking CADMATIC software into expanded use at its shipyards in Finland and introducing it in Germany.

    Underground wastewater treatment plant design a big challenge

    An ecological wastewater treatment plant is currently being constructed close to the Finnish capital of Helsinki in Blominmäki, Espoo. From 2021, it will treat the wastewater of around 400 000 of the city’s inhabitants. FCG Finnish Consulting Group Oy is the main contractor for the project. The multidisciplinary consulting company has diverse water know-how and makes use of state-of-the-art project management and design software.

    Goltens Green Technologies - Global turnkey 3D scanning solutions for BWTS and retrofit projects

    With offices all around the globe, Goltens is one of the leading independent global providers of ship repair services. The company’s offices in Dubai, Korea, Shanghai and Singapore have already been using CADMATIC software for some time. Goltens Green Technologies B.V. in Groningen (Goltens Groningen), The Netherlands, is the latest company in the Goltens group to implement CADMATIC.

    Business News July 2018

    Almost 1,000 companies in 57 countries currently use CADMATIC Marine and Plant Design software. We have new customers from Northern America, Europe and Asia who have started using CADMATIC software. Current customers have also continued investing in additional licenses. The business news of the past few months is provided below.

    CADMATIC opens office in Madrid

    We are pleased to inform you that the CADMATIC Madrid office is opened from the first of June. The address is c/ Jerez nº3, Bajo- Madrid, 28036. You can contact Verónica Alonso de Los Rios via

    World-class design and shipbuilding at Grandweld Shipyards

    Grandweld Shipyards is one of the most recent shipyards to implement CADMATIC software. Stability, user-friendliness and customizability were some of the main reasons why Grandweld put their trust in CADMATIC. Since implementation in June 2017, the company has already started the design of a crew boat completely in CADMATIC, with a pilot boat to follow in early 2018.

    CADMATIC-CONSTRUSOFT cooperation bearing fruit

    In February 2017 CADMATIC announced the signing of a resale and support agreement for CADMATIC Plant Design Software in Spain, Austria, Poland, Chile, Peru and Colombia. As a part of developing the business in Spain and Austria, in particular, CADMATIC Senior Sales Manager Vesa-Matti Vaara spent 8 months on secondment in Barcelona from February to October 2017. The cooperation is beginning to bear fruit: several clients have been acquired and high levels of interest have been shown in CADMATIC solutions.

    Improving engineering quality at Shanghai Respect Marine Engineering

    Shanghai Respect Marine Engineering Tech. Co., Ltd (Shanghai Respect) is one of the latest startup companies within marine engineering in Shanghai, China. In October 2017 they signed a contract to purchase their first set of CADMATIC licenses.

    Metsa Board Husum goes mobile with eGo

    In April 2017 Metsä Board Husum announced the start-up of a new extrusion coating line at its Husum mill in Sweden. The new state-of the-art coating line has an annual capacity of about 100,000 tonnes and represented an investment of EUR 38 million. CADMATIC software was used extensively for the design of the project, which also saw the introduction of CADMATIC’s mobile model review tool eGo.

    New Marine Magazine now online!

    Our new Marine Magazine is here! The 1/2018 version includes many quality customer articles. Last years' business news and the release highlights of recent tertiaries are also included.

    Webinar successfully held last Wednesday

    Last Wednesday, 28th of March, CADMATIC organized a webinar on the main user experience improvements added in versions 2017T3 and 2018T1. The webinar was very successful with over 150 attendees. The webinar has been recorded and can be found in the downloads section on our support portal.

    CADMATIC welcomes two new Plant customers from India

    Vishva Associates and Panorama Consulting Engineers, both from Navi Mumbai, India, have invested in CADMATIC Plant Design software. They joined the CADMATIC family in March 2018.

    CADMATIC posts robust growth for 2017

    CADMATIC continued showing robust growth in 2017 with turnover increasing to 16 M€, an increase of 12.5%. In total, 78 new customers from 24 countries implemented CADMATIC Software during the 2017 fiscal year.

    Vast Solar – low cost and high efficiency

    In 2013, H&D Engineering was invited to participate in the design of a concentrated solar power pilot plant in Australia. H&D cooperated with the R&D division of Skoda Doosan Power on the project, which aims to significantly change the energy market conditions and increase the ratio of renewable resources in Australia and other countries. The end client, Vast Solar, aims to re-engineer the future of large scale solar to transform world energy systems. It plans to do this by delivering efficient, modular Concentrated Solar Thermal Power (CSP) technology with affordable storage.

    ​Conoship getting the most out of CADMATIC software

    For the European research project SMARTYards, Conoship International B.V. investigated the possibilities of integrating CADMATIC Hull with PIAS stability software. During the project, Conoship became more familiar with CADMATIC Marine Design software. After successfully completing the SMARTYards project, Conoship started implementing CADMATIC software in their organization. Conoship currently has an experienced team of CADMATIC engineers that use both CADMATIC Hull and Outfitting software.

    Business News February 2018

    CADMATIC Marine and Plant Design software is currently used by more than 950 companies in 57 countries. We have new customers from Europe and Asia who have started using CADMATIC software. Current customers have also continued investing in additional licenses. The business news of the past few months is listed below.

    Meru Industries starts using CADMATIC Plant Design

    Meru Industries LLP, located in Pune, India, has started using CADMATIC 3D Plant Design software for their detailed engineering.

    Bonatti S.p.A. invests in eShare

    One of our latest customers from Italy is Bonatti S.p.A. Their office in Parma has purchased CADMATIC eShare licenses.

    New Plant Design user in Italy

    CADMATIC welcomes a new Plant Design customer in Italy: Process Service S.r.l.

    CADMATIC receives positive feedback in latest customer survey

    CADMATIC conducted a customer survey among its global customers in June this year. The response rate was sufficient to gain a clear view about how customers rate CADMATIC, our products and services. We are pleased to announce that our customers generally provided very positive feedback about CADMATIC. The feedback also contained valuable and concrete inputs for the future improvement and development of the company and its products.

    CADMATIC presented papers at ICCAS 2017

    This year CADMATIC was present at the International Conference on Computer Applications in Shipbuilding, which was held in Singapore from the 26th to the 28th of September. CADMATIC presented two papers, written by Ludmila Seppälä and Mikko Yllikäinen, and presented by them for the first time at ICCAS 2017.

    Business News November 2017

    CADMATIC Marine and Plant Design software is currently used by more than 950 companies in 57 countries. We have new customers from Northern America, Europe and Asia who have started using CADMATIC software. Current customers have also continued investing in additional licenses. Here is the business news of the past few months.

    ​CADMATIC successfully used by Shroff and Associates

    One of CADMATIC’s latest customers in the Plant Industry is Shroff and Associates (Engineers) Pvt. Ltd. (Shroff). The company has been using CADMATIC Plant Design software for almost a year now and has already successfully completed several projects with CADMATIC software.

    Dakota Creek Industries implements CADMATIC Marine Design

    Our latest Customer in the United States of America is Dakota Creek Industries Inc. Dakota Creek is located in Anacortes, Washington.

    "Optimization of design and production processes in shipbuilding and ship repair" - Results of the round table

    On 20 September 2017, within the framework of the NEVA 2017 exhibition, a round table was held regarding the "optimization of design and production processes in shipbuilding and ship repair" for representatives of design and engineering organizations, shipyards, ship-owners and shipbuilding universities. Seventeen different organizations took part in the round table discussions.

    CADMATIC celebrates 35 years of software development

    In late August CADMATIC employees and their family members gathered in Turku, Finland to celebrate 35 years of CADMATIC software development. Nearly 200 guests from 11 countries took part in the milestone jubilee festivities that were held at the historical Turku Castle.

    DEKC Maritime - A solid company passionate about design and engineering

    A company with more than 40 years’ experience: starting as the detail engineering department of Centraalstaal B.V. in 1972, DEKC has developed their knowledge and expertise to become an independent knowledge center for the maritime industry. DEKC Maritime offers design, detail engineering and operational support. Recently, the company changed its name from CIG Maritime Technology to DEKC Maritime. Before CIG Maritime Technology the name Vuyk Engineering Groningen was used.

    New Plant Design customer in China

    Wenzhou Baitong Engineering Co., Ltd., located in Wenzhou, Zhejiang, is CADMATIC's latest customer in China. The company has decided to implement CADMATIC Plant Design software.

    CADMATIC's latest customer from Sri Lanka

    Colombo Dockyard is our new customer from Colombo, Sri Lanka. The company started using our Information Management Solution eBrowser, for ship design review.

    Customer Survey Lottery price received

    Mr. Zhang Jinfei, the winner of the CADMATIC Customer Survey Lottery, has received his price out of the hands of CADMATIC Sales Manager Chuande Lu. Mr. Jinfei works at ECONOVO Marine Engineering.

    New CADMATIC Marine Design users in Finland

    Two ship design companies from Finland have joined the CADMATIC user list. Both Deseco Oy and LST Engineering Oy have purchased CADMATIC Outfitting software.

    CADMATIC customer survey lottery winner

    This morning at 9.30 local time we drew lots to select the winner of the Surface Pro Tablet 4, eGo license and 2 years of maintenance. Congratulations to the winner: Mr. Zhang Jinfei from Econovo! We would like to thank everyone who participated in the customer survey and look forward communicating with you in the future. 

    Business News June 2017

    CADMATIC Marine and Plant Design software is used by more than 900 companies in 55 countries. We continue to show strong growth with new customers that have joined the CADMATIC family and current customers that have invested in additional licenses. Here is the business news of the past few months.

    True life cycle management with BIM and 3D models

    Using BIM (Building Information Modelling) for Operation & Maintenance has become a hot topic in the last few years. One company that has long been at the forefront of BIM for O&M development is Siveco China. It is the largest maintenance consultancy in China and a pioneer in the development of Maintenance 4.0 technologies. Since 2015 CADMATIC has been a Siveco Value-Added Partner. The integration between the CADMATIC eBrowser and Siveco’s bluebee® cloud is illustrated in the images and captions provided here.

    CADMATIC 2017T2 now available

    CADMATIC 2017T2 includes new features for CADMATIC Marine Design, Plant Design and Information Management software and is now available for download in our customer area.

    New Plant customer welcomed in China

    Shenyang Yuanda Compressor Co., Ltd is CADMATIC's newest Plant Design customer. The company is located in Shenyang, in the Liaoning province of China and is specialized in the development and manufacturing of reciprocating piston compressors.

    Gondan Ingenieria implements CADMATIC software

    Gondan Ingenieria S.L. from Castropol, Spain, has chosen to implement CADMATIC Marine Design software. Both CADMATIC Hull and Outfitting will be implemented as soon as possible.

    CADMATIC Marine Magazine 2017 now available

    We are happy to inform you that the CADMATIC Marine Magazine 2017 is now available. Click the picture below to open it.

    CADMATIC reports robust growth for 2016

    Meyer Turku expands use of CADMATIC

    To meet the demand of its growing cruise vessel order book, one of the world’s leading European shipbuilding companies, Meyer Turku Oy, has increased the amount of CADMATIC Outfitting licenses in use at the shipyard.

    CADMATIC's first customer in Iran

    Since a couple of months, Karafan Marine Middle East Co. is using CADMATIC software as the main 3D tool in their daily naval architecture. Karafan is a ship design and marine engineering company, located in Teheran, Iran.

    Plant and Offshore Design Seminar by Trimble and CADMATIC

    Trimble Solutions Middle East and CADMATIC are proud to present a joint Industrial seminar on the 12th of April in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

    International scientific and technical workshop on 3D design

    From 22-23 March the Admiral Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping hosted a two-day international workshop on modern design technologies in shipbuilding and industrial construction based on digital solutions from CADMATIC. The event was jointly organized with CADMATIC.

    Nevsky Shipyard gains project efficiency with CADMATIC

    Nevsky Shipyard LLC is one of the oldest water transport enterprises in the northwest of Russia. It was founded in 1913 as a repair workshop and started shipbuilding in 1952. With the advantageous location of the shipyard on the “Volga-Baltic Waterway”, the shipyard is able to repair and carry out maintenance work of vessels passing-by. The company implemented CADMATIC in 2015 and has been able gain project efficiencies, in particular, by distributing design to different locations.

    CADMATIC empowers students at the Institute of Shipbuilding Technology

    As the only institute in India that has been established and managed by a group of industries, The Institute of Shipbuilding Technology in Goa, India, has been teaching CADMATIC successfully to final year undergraduate students. By doing this, the institute can provide industries with well-trained technical manpower to suit their requirements.

    Business News March 2017

    CADMATIC Marine and Plant Design software is used by more than 850 companies in 55 countries. We continue to show strong growth with new customers that have joined the CADMATIC family and current customers that have invested in additional licenses. The business news of the past months is listed below.

    CADMATIC and Construsoft enter into resale and support cooperation agreement

    CADMATIC 2017T1 now available

    CADMATIC 2017T1 contains additional functionalities for the shell plate module, with the possibility to edit shell plate holes and produce pin-jig information, more color coding schemes in Diagrams, introduction of new methods for spools, the possibility to measure distances in point clouds in eBrowser, an out-of-the-box interface with Excel and CMIS Adapter in eShare and more.

    New CADMATIC Plant customer in China

    Hebei Bohai Engineering Design Co. Ltd. is CADMATIC's latest Plant customer in China. They have over 20 years of experience in civil engineering and petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries as well as the light industry.

    New CADMATIC eShare user in India

    After a period of testing the eShare functions, L&T Shipbuilding from Chennai has purchased CADMATIC eShare licenses.

    New customers from Northern Europe

    Smurift Kappa Kraftliner, the Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority and SSG Sammet Asennus Oy have implemented CADMATIC Plant Design Software.

    CADMATIC supports IFC standard

    CADMATIC is proud to announce full support for the Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) data format, the so-called IFC standard. This means that CADMATIC models are interoperable with IFC standard compatible software product models, such as Tekla Structures. In practice, model import and export is handled with a simple one-button command, after which no further changes are required.

    Shroff and Associates CADMATIC’s latest customer

    M/s Shroff & Associates (Engineers) Pvt. Ltd. has become CADMATIC’s latest customer in the plant industry. The Mumbai-based company has purchased multiple CADMATIC 3D Plant Design and eBrowser licenses.

    Business News December 2016

    CADMATIC Marine and Plant Design software is used by more than 850 companies in 55 countries. We continue to show strong growth with new customers that have joined the CADMATIC family and current customers that have invested in additional licenses. The business news of the past months is listed below.

    Goltens also starts using CADMATIC in South Korea

    CADMATIC Marine Design software is now also being used at Goltens’ office in Dong-gu, Busan, South Korea.

    CADMATIC wins prizes in India

    CADMATIC's Director Sales & Operations in India and Southeast Asia, Roshansingh Navlur, is conferred with the "Udyog Rattan Award" for his excellent performance in the field of industrial development in India. The CADMATIC Mumbai office received the "Excellence Award".

    Congratulations to CADMATIC Scholarship Recipients!

    Six students from China Dalian Maritime University were awarded 2016 CADMATIC Scholarship. We wish students all the best in their studies and hope them to make more progress in the future.

    CPDES: collaborative software infrastructure accelerates ship design

    CADMATIC, Conoship International and SARC have joined forces to develop a collaborative ship design system. The 24-month project, which runs from 2016 to 2017, is titled CPDES (Collaborative Platform for the Design and Engineering of Ships).

    Pleasant business experience at ADIPEC

    During ADIPEC 2016 the CADMATIC Middle East team showcased its finest tool, the 3D DESIGN Suit for Owners & Operators, EPC Companies, Engineering Consultants, Oil & Gas, Power, Marine Offshore Platform Building Industry.

    CADMATIC's new customers in Germany

    FERCHAU Engineering, ESCAD Design and R+S Stolze GmbH are new CADMATIC customers.

    Newly added CADMATIC customer stories

    We have recently added four new customer stories to the website. One story is about our new customer Drydocks World Dubai working together with CADMATIC to develop one of the best welding management tools. The other stories are about 3J Yachting benefitting from CADMATIC software, especially the Diagram application, SCA Obbola successfully using our software for 15 years already and SeaTech successfully finishing the TG 17 Fi-Fi tugboat within a year.

    CADMATIC version 2016T3 now available

    2016T3 is packed with new functionalities: new 3D visualization core in Plant Modeller, filtered replication possibility for projects, sophisticated auto labeling in 2D drawings, color coding according to NS in Diagrams and node-to-node connection tracking in 3D, possibility to load collision reports to eBrowser, setup of workflow for status assigning process in eShare, virtual joysticks to navigate in eGo and a lot more.

    CADMATIC: A company focusing on knowledge sharing

    CADMATIC Marketing Communications Officer Jiawen Zhang interviewed the Consul General of Netherlands in St. Petersburg Hans Wesseling. Mr. Wesseling shared his opinions about the cooperation between CADMATIC and Russian academic institutes.

    Keeping EPC and EPCM companies ahead of competition

    Engineering, Procurement and Construction companies (EPC) are facing increasingly stringent demands from their customers and competition for large projects is intensifying in the global supplier environment. A decade or so ago EPCs had a clear advantage in their local markets due to their proximity to the market, but these advantages have been eroded by global supply chains and truly global providers that benefit from economies of scale.

    Business News May 2016

    CADMATIC Marine and Plant Design software is used by more than 850 companies in 55 countries. We continue to show strong growth with new customers that have joined the CADMATIC family and current customers that have invested in additional licenses. All the business news of the past months is listed below.

    STC Power, a happy CADMATIC user for 10 years

    Founded in 1981, STC Power is a leading manufacturer of waste heat recovery and energy production from conventional and renewable sources. The company is located in Forlì, Italy, where approximately 10 years ago it started working with CADMATIC software for the first time.

    SIAD gains efficiency with CADMATIC Plant Design software

    SIAD Macchine Impianti S.p.A is one of CADMATIC’s more recent customers in Italy. With their head office located in Bergamo, SIAD is specialized in the design of gas production plants, compressors and automation. They started using CADMATIC Plant Design software in 2015.

    CADMATIC 2016 Users’ Meeting successfully concluded in Prague

    On 19-20 May, CADMATIC held its global Users’ Meeting in Prague. The bi-annual meeting attracted more than 190 users from different countries. All participants showed a high level of satisfaction with this Users’ Meeting.

    Alba E and C SA purchased CADMATIC software

    Alba E&C SA has placed an order for CADMATIC software. Alba E&C SA is a multidisciplinary engineering company, located in Mendrisio, Switzerland. They were originally founded in 2008 as a trading company operating in the steel industry, but since 2011 acting on the market as an engineering company.

    CADMATIC version 2016Q2 now available

    CADMATIC Version 2016Q2 features enhanced views presentation of 2D Hull Work Breakdown Drawings, new features in norms type management and insert multiple Hull lines management, new free node connection points for Diagram’s equipment symbols, production checks for spools according to check parameters, the possibility to see updated parts and triangle marks in isos and spools, new types of bends in Cable specs, as well as project settings export and printing possibilities in eShare, many additions to eGo and a lot more.

    CADMATIC opens a new 3D design laboratory in St. Petersburg

    On April 13th consul-general of Netherlands in St. Petersburg Hans Wesseling took part at the opening of the laboratory on 3D design. The laboratory is a cooperation program between CADMATIC and Makarov Shipping University.

    CADMATIC Users' Meeting 2016

    This year the Users’ Meeting will be held on the 19th and 20th of May at the NH Prague City hotel in Prague, The Czech Republic. The main themes of the upcoming Users’ Meeting are our newest features, inspiring customer presentations, interesting workshops and future development plans.

    CADMATIC expands with new customers

    Four new companies have started using CADMATIC Marine Design software: both Era Project and Marine Projects and Technologies LTD are located in Russia, Grandweld Shipyards and Great Waters LLC. are located in the United Arab Emirates.

    CADMATIC lays groundwork for a student’s future

    Dalian Maritime University is one of the most famous maritime universities in China with a history of 105 years. It is located in Dalian, a city from the north of China. 3D digitalized shipbuilding is the main reason for the university to choose CADMATIC. From the ship design to the production design, CADMATIC realized all digitalized process. The automated structural topology and user-friendly interface made the university decide to replace their previous educational software.

    World’s largest ethane carrier designed with CADMATIC

    HB Hunte Engineering has delivered the design for Ethane Carriers ECOSTAR 36K with “Svelte”-bow design and ECOSTAR 85K, the world largest Ethylene Carrier ever built in the world. The ECOSTARS were developed by HB Hunte Engineering, in cooperation with Hartmann Reederei of Leer. The complete detailed basic design of both types of Ethane Carriers were done in CADMATIC.

    CADMATIC Version 2016Q1 now available

    CADMATIC Version 2016Q1 of CADMATIC Hull, Plant and Outfitting features enhanced presentation of 2D Hull Drawings, Work Request Manager includes requests from Hull, revisions management for all Outfitting documents, including Diagrams and Duct spools, direct Excel output for listings, IFC link and pull markers in Cable Router, as well as status tracking in eShare and eGo, and many other items.

    ECONOVO is satisfied with CADMATIC Marine Design Software

    ECONOVO Marine Engineering purchased CADMATIC Marine Design Software in September 2015. ECONOVO has now started using CADMATIC to design a liquefied gas carrier. The ship design will be delivered to China Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Co., Ltd.

    SCA Obbola invests in CADMATIC eShare

    At the end of December 2015, SCA Obbola purchased CADMATIC eShare licenses. The purpose of the investment is to make CADMATIC eShare the main solution for viewing of the 3D model and P& ID diagrams after integration with the Sitebase system and SAP Maintenance.Besides the growing use of CADMATIC 3D Plant models in various SCA Obbola projects and modifications, all their plants’ P&ID diagrams are in CADMATIC Diagram.

    CADMATIC makes waves at Marintec China 2015

    Marintec China 2015 was held from 1-4 December in Shanghai, China. As the only gateway to the Asian maritime market, Marintec China is the most recognized maritime trade show in Asia. CADMATIC’s stand was part of the Finland Pavilion. The Marintec experience was most inspiring for CADMATIC and strengthened our resolve to keep growing in this important market.

    CADMATIC welcomes new client from Sweden

    Eurocon Engineering is a Swedish engineering & consulting company that provides services mainly the Pulp & Paper Industry. Recently, Eurocon purchased the CADMATIC 3D seat & eBrowser. Two offices of the company have been using CADMATIC and now its headquarters have joined CADMATIC as well.

    Nurture students - Educate the future

    China Dalian Maritime University is one of the best maritime universities in China with a history dating back more than 100 years. It is the first Chinese university to use CADMATIC 3D Marine Design Software for educational purposes. The need for 3D digitalized shipbuilding is the main reason the university chose CADMATIC.

    Metsä Board Joutseno chooses CADMATIC

    Metsä Board Joutseno is a long-term CADMATIC’s client. Recently, the Joutseno Mill purchased CADMATIC Plant Modules as well. With this step, CADMATIC has been standardized as its design system. All subcontractors of Joutseno Mill will use CADMATIC for future projects.

    CADMATIC WeChat account created

    CADMATIC is happy to announce that our official WeChat public account has been created. WeChat is a mobile text and voice messaging communication service developed in China. By August 2015, WeChat had over 600million active users with 70 million outside China.

    New CADMATIC brand and logo

    On the 16 September 2015 CADMATIC and Numeriek Centrum Groningen BV's (NCG) business operations were merged. Since then the CADMATIC integration team has been finalizing the new organizational structure and branding of CADMATIC. We are now ready to announce the following changes.

    Organizational changes at CADMATIC

    CADMATI 's new organization consists of about 120 professionals, of which 80 work in different technical development and support tasks and 40 in sales and marketing. The main sales, support and development centres are in Finland and in the Netherlands. We have personnel also in other local offices in China, Hungary, India, Italy, Russia, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates.

    CADMATIC and NCG combine business operations

    CADMATIC and Numeriek Centrum Groningen BV (NCG) have combined their business operations and continue as one company. CADMATIC Oy has acquired all the shares and business operations of Numeriek Centrum Groningen BV (NCG). This is valid from the 16th of September 2015.

    New CADMATIC website launched

    CADMATIC has launched a new website. We hope that you like the look and feel of the new site and that it will make communicating with us and finding information about our solutions even easier than before!

    Drydocks World Dubai signs up to use CADMATIC

    CADMATIC has signed a contract for the delivery of 3D design and information management software to Drydocks World Dubai (DDWD). It is an indication of the strong competitive position the company’s modern technology has achieved and represents a breakthrough for CADMATIC in the international Offshore industry.

    Latest release 2015Q3

    ​Version 2015Q3 of CADMATIC Outfitting includes many additions...

    New customers in India

    Lately, several new customer implementations across India have kept the Mumbai office busy. To name a few, SSP Pvt Ltd from Delhi, Chempro Expertise Pvt Ltd from Mumbai and B.V. Bhoomaraddi College of Engineering & Technology from Hubli have joined the expanding customer base of CADMATIC.

    CADMATIC is associate partner in India Nuclear Energy 2015

    India Nuclear Energy 2015 Summit and Exhibition will be held at Nehru Centre, Mumbai from 15-16 October, 2015

    Latest release 2015Q2

    Version 2015Q2 of CADMATIC and NUPAS-CADMATIC Outfitting includes the possibility to publish documents directly to eShare...

    Technical seminar in India

    CADMATIC Software Solution Pvt. Ltd. (CSSPL) successfully upheld its Technical Seminar for Plant Engineers in Chennai, India.

    CADMATIC welcomes a new customer in Italy - Pensotti FCL S.p.A

    Over the years CADMATIC'S customer's base in Italy has grown steadily. We are glad that we have been able to provide modern effective 3D design solutions for the challenging projects done by our Italian customers.

    CADMATIC strengthening its presence in Singapore

    CADMATIC has started cooperation with a Singapore-based company TDS Engr Solutions Pte Ltd in order to better serve Plant Design Market in Singapore.

    CADMATIC in the media: major contract with the Nuclear Power Corporation of India

    CADMATIC has signed an agreement with Indias national nuclear power company Nuclear Power Corporation (NPCIL) with intelligent three-dimensional modelling based design and delivery of information management systems.

    Latest release 2015Q1

    Version 2015Q1 of CADMATIC introduces among others improved scalability, faster replication and back-ups...

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