Jubilee: Largest superyacht ever built in the Netherlands

Dutch superyacht builder creates one-of-a-kind designs with CADMATIC 

Customer challenge

  • Need for stable platform and environment to develop complicated and innovative superyachts.
  • Need to review work done by subcontractors and manage collaboration between different design sites.

CADMATIC solution

  • CADMATIC contains all the crucial components required for superyacht design. 
  • CADMATIC eBrowser used to monitor and supervise subcontractors' work. CoDesigner manages distributed design perfectly and ensures access to the best experts.

“CADMATIC has proven to be a mature and stable shipbuilding environment. We believe that CADMATIC listens to its users and improves accordingly.” – Marek Misiewicz, Manager IT

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Oceanco, a world-class builder of custom superyachts in the 80–140 meter range, delivered the distinguished “JUBILEE” to Burgess Yachts Ltd. in mid-July 2017. At the time of her launch, The JUBILEE was the largest yacht ever built in the Netherlands. Oceanco used CADMATIC software for the hull and outfitting design of the 110-meter vessel.

The JUBILEE project was introduced by Burgess to Oceanco in 2013. Burgess provided technical assistance and project management throughout the entire building process. The whole project took three and a half years to complete, from conception and initial sketching up to final delivery.

“This is a remarkably short period of time for a yacht of this complexity and magnitude, and so it was a real challenge to build the yacht,” Marek Misiewicz, Manager IT at Oceanco, says.

Distinguished in every way

Oceanco has never built a yacht larger than the JUBILEE. With its length of 110 meters, beam of 16.4 meters and gross tonnage of 4,500, it captivates with both its breathtaking exterior and size. It can reach a maximum speed of 18.5 knots, powered by two MTU engines that each produce 4,828 horse power. The exterior styling of the JUBILEE was created by Lobanov Design, while Sorgiovanni Design sculptured the interior.

The yacht has a very noble and original profile from bow to stern, and with its longer horizontal blue lines, the JUBILEE distinguishes itself from regular yachts. The JUBILEE was awarded the 2018 International Yacht and Aviation Award for the Best Power Yacht Design in the 80 meters and longer category.

15 yachts successfully built with CADMATIC

Oceanco has used CADMATIC software since 2004. CADMATIC was chosen at the time as it was the best alternative on the market and because it was already widely used in the Netherlands. Since the Y703/M/Y Anastasia, which was delivered in 2008, Oceanco has used CADMATIC for the engineering of some of the most beautiful yachts around the globe; 15 stunning yachts in total.

Oceanco used both Hull and Outfitting software for the engineering of the JUBILEE and eBrowser for reviewing the project and commenting on the design.

According to Marek, CADMATIC is simply a good platform and environment to develop complicated and innovative yachts. 

“It contains all the crucial components required and it is continuously being improved and extended.”

CADMATIC 3D models of the JUBILEE

Cooperation is key at Oceanco

Successful cooperation with subcontractors is a key aspect of Oceanco’s way of working.

“Our subcontractors work in Hull and Outfitting where they add all the necessary components to the 3D models. We monitor and supervise their work with eBrowser. This ensures that we are always in control and allows us to utilize the best experts in a given domain.”

Marek highlights the distributed design features of CADMATIC as one the strongest features of the software.

"The cooperation between our distributed sites works perfectly thanks to the CADMATIC Co-Designer."

Mature and stable software

After all these years, Oceanco is still very satisfied with CADMATIC. 

“CADMATIC has proven to be a mature and stable shipbuilding environment. We believe that CADMATIC listens to its users and improves accordingly,” says Marek. 

Looking to the future, Marek indicates that Oceanco is considering the implementation of more modules.

Oceanco is currently experimenting with eShare: CADMATIC’s solution for combining, finding, visualizing and sharing project and asset information in a single and easily accessible web portal. Oceanco has also started the implementation of the Diagram module.

A complete solution for on-board maintenance

Oceanco is looking at utilizing CADMATIC eBrowser and AR/VR technologies on board yachts, as a complete solution for on-board maintenance. This would ensure a smoother experience, with continuous access to all the relevant documentation, drawings, technical specifications, and manuals for the fleet support team and the on-board crew. The project is still in the early stages of development.

Marek Misiewicz, Manager IT at Oceanco, indicates that CADMATIC contains all crucial components required and is continuously being improved and extended.

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