Shipbuilding process & data management


A game-changing solution under development for modern shipbuilding

The shipbuilding industry is characterized by fierce competition and declining profits: Shipbuilders are under increasing pressure to build ships faster and at lower cost, while navigating greater network complexity with many partners, owners, and operators.

Ship design and building are more complex than ever before, producing an overwhelming volume of data. Recent research indicates that up to 20% of employees spend nearly half their productive time just searching for documents and data. Even when they find it, the uncertainty around its accuracy remains a challenge. 

While some shipyards have attempted to overcome these challenges through digitalization, many are finding that off-the-shelf solutions fall short. These platforms, often designed for industries with very different needs, only address a portion of the shipbuilding process, leading to widespread skepticism and wariness of digitalization solutions.

Yet, the future need not be so bleak. By investing in digitalization solutions specifically tailored for shipbuilding, there's an opportunity to streamline shipbuilding process and data management and significantly improve overall shipyard efficiency.

Shipbuilding process & data management

We are developing a solution for the shipbuilding industry

CADMATIC Wave is a process and data management solution designed to tackle these shipbuilding industry-specific issues. Created via a strategic partnership between Cadmatic and CONTACT Software, it serves as the shipyard’s central hub, harnessing the power of digital assets and processes to ensure optimal efficiency, profitability, and quality.

Product development is in progress. We will provide more information in near future.

Why CADMATIC Wave is unique

Transform your shipyard with CADMATIC Wave


Boost efficiency and cut costs
Synchronize your resources, minimize redundancies, and execute projects ahead of deadlines.


Enhance collaboration and transparency
Break down the barriers between departments and achieve synergy in workflows.


Make better decisions
Equip your team with the advanced tools they need for proactive and informed decision-making.

Key features the solution will have

Unified engineering data -icon

Unified engineering data

CADMATIC Wave centralizes all engineering data, aggregating inputs from CADMATIC Outfitting, CADMATIC P&ID, CADMATIC Hull, CADMATIC Electrical, and other CAD software sources into a single system. Experience unprecedented data consistency and efficiency.

Intelligent document management -icon

Intelligent document management

One system to manage all documents. Manage everything from CAD models to customer emails with our robust document management tool. Keep teams aligned and projects on track.

Efficient workflow management -icon

Efficient workflow management

Automate processes and enable seamless collaboration across all departments. Free up staff for higher-value tasks while reducing human error.

Controlled change management -icon

Controlled change management

Mitigate the risks of project derailment with our systematic, traceable, and controlled approach to changes. Stay informed and approved at every stage of the project.

Advanced data visualization -icon

Advanced data visualization

Empower your decision-making with CADMATIC eShare’s advanced visualization capabilities. Interactively explore every nuance of your shipbuilding project in high-quality, context-specific visualizations.

Soon you can embrace the digitalization of shipbuilding

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