Material management

Get construction and engineering on the same page

Material management is a critical and challenging aspect of EPC projects, especially during the engineering phase. Material specification and standardization is a foremost concern and challenge for many. Standardizing materials streamlines procurement and allows for cost-efficient bulk purchasing, but it's a balancing act with engineering requirements.

Another key challenge is ensuring effective integration between P&IDs and 3D models. Without effective integration between these design tools and material management systems, the risk of errors and subsequent delays increases significantly. The need for seamless integration with procurement is also crucial. A disconnect between engineering and procurement can result in materials that are ideal in theory but impractical in terms of cost or availability, affecting the project’s budget and timeline.

CADMATIC Materials is a material management solution that addresses these challenges by aligning engineering, procurement, and design requirements for your EPC projects. It is based on the seamless integration of plant design and material management and allows for real-time synchronization of data that delivers accurate and up-to-date information across both disciplines. It enhances collaboration between engineering, procurement, and construction teams and ensures accurate material quantities with streamlined procurement.

Our comprehensive material management solution incorporates three powerful applications: CADMATIC Materials™, CADMATIC 3D Plant Design™, and CADMATIC P&ID™.

Materials Software Solutions

CADMATIC Materials™

Effectively manage materials and piping across your project life cycle. Integrate 3D Cad with material management


CADMATIC 3D Plant Design™

Intelligent and specification-driven software speeds up and eases design work while reducing errors.

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Create, manage, validate, and modify a wide variety of process flow, schematics, P&IDs, electrical or cabling diagrams.

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Transition from a document-centric to a data-centric approach with Cadmatic Material Management. Instead of working in inefficient silos and dealing with challenges on an ad-hoc basis, our solution focuses on preventing materials management challenges from occurring in the first place!


  • Seamless data flow 
  • Enhanced collaboration
  • Accurate material quantities
  • Streamlined procurement process
  • Improved project visibility and control
  • Cost and time savings