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CADMATIC Electrical – Solution for Building electrical design

Experience the most comprehensive building electrical design software available on the market.

Revolutionize your electrical design process with CADMATIC Electrical

CADMATIC Electrical™ is a comprehensive BIM software for building electrical design that automates and streamlines the design process, ensuring data integrity and efficient production of high-quality project deliverables in all design stages. It is the most extensive software available on the market offering advanced BIM capabilities, automated design processes, data integrity, collaboration tools, and comprehensive reporting and documentation.

Key benefits

  • Efficiency and cost savings through a single standalone software package for all electrical design, BIM modeling, and documentation needs.
  • User-friendly license and maintenance policy and a wide range of software packages to choose from, scale up as needed.
  • Explore our e-learning materials and take advantage of expert implementation support.
  • Collaboration features to facilitate efficient teamwork and ensure a unified design style.
  • Maintain data integrity by automatic synchronization of 2D layout drawings with diagrams, reports, and 3D BIM models.
  • Improved accuracy and consistency of project data.
  • React easily to all kinds of change orders and technical requirements, exceeding your customer's expectations.
  • Increased job satisfaction and reduced manual work thanks to automation.
  • Save time, increase productivity and profitability.
  • Short learning, start-up, and implementation period.
  • Experience seamless open BIM collaboration

    • Easily incorporate external reference 3D BIM models into your electrical design workflow
    • Parametric modeling for precise and flexible design
    • Keep 2D documents and electrical 3D model synchronized.
    • Ensure data-rich BIM models with our superior data management tools
    • Real-time and retrospective clash detection to prevent errors and ensure design integrity.
    • Replace manual measurements with automatic elevation recognition system for effortless determination of object heights
    • Collaboration tools for effective teamwork and communication
    • Sectioning and view management to easily navigate and analyze your BIM models
    • Certified IFC export and import ensuring compliance with regulations
  • Efficient data management and streamlined design workflow

    • Eliminate redundancy and manual data duplication by creating information once and importing/reimporting project data from third-party software via Excel.
    • Consolidate design data from multiple documents to achieve a unified and comprehensive project, seamlessly integrating information to enhance the level of detail, clarity, and informativeness.
    • Achieve seamless synchronization between layout drawings, diagrams, reports, and BIM models, ensuring consistent and up-to-date information across all project documents.
    • Experience the benefits of interlinked design, enabling connections between devices, cables, and objects throughout multiple project documents.
    • Efficiently manage and analyze big data using a powerful tabular database tool, providing streamlined data handling and easy access
    • Enjoy the convenience of mass editing, allowing quick and simultaneous modifications to project data, with the option to utilize Excel for efficient editing
    • Benefit from efficient centralized data management, ensuring automatic updates of project deliverables for the highest level of quality.
  • Design features to ease and automate the design work 

    • Vast library of intelligent standardized electrical and low voltage symbols, ensuring accurate representation in designs.
    • Simplify the management of device templates in parts management, eliminating the need to edit devices individually
    • Versatile cable way and cabling functions that allow you to fulfill detailed and complex design requirements.
    • Perform electrical calculations for cable sizing, voltage drop, short circuit analysis, and load calculations
    • Automate time-consuming routine tasks like sheet and layer management, tagging, marking, printing etc.
    • Generation functions and intelligent reuse of existing documents or data definitions, resulting in enhanced efficiency and accelerated project handover
    • Automated reports and connection lists to ensure quality and accuracy
    • Import and export standard CAD formats like DWG, DXF, IFC, PDF, XLS, and DGN (import only)

Choose the most suitable one from 3 different software levels

CADMATIC Electrical Lite -logo

CADMATIC Electrical Lite

Ideal for electrical and automation documentation on small projects. Includes basic CAD engine with common CAD functionalities and symbol libraries.

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CADMATIC Electrical Basic -logo

CADMATIC Electrical Basic

More advanced electrical and automation tool suitable for small to medium-sized projects. Includes advanced functionalities to aid the electrical design process.

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CADMATIC Electrical Premium -logo

CADMATIC Electrical Premium

Top-of-the-range database-based and multi-user design software for electrical and automation engineering in large and complex design projects. Integration with other Cadmatic design applications.

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3D Features in Construction Electrification

Learn more about 3D features when importing and exporting IFC files, using view cropping tools and the visualization window. 3D modeling has never been so easy and versatile!

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Intelligent Data Management for Building Electrification

Learn more about how CADMATIC Electrical automatically takes care of many editing routines and significantly frees up your time so that you can focus on design work.

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Maximize your electrical design output


Intelligent object and data management with easy navigation

Centralized data management system ensures that every element, whether it's a device or a cable, is considered a single object with multiple occurrences. This means you only need to create or import the element once, and it can easily be inserted or assigned to other documents via the project tree. With our navigation tools, finding all occurrences of an element is a breeze, making editing and updating quick and efficient. Keep track of changes and maintain project quality with our easy-to-use comparison features.


Ensure project quality with automated reports

Ensure quality with automated reports in CADMATIC Electrical. Automatically generate and update reports in Excel or PDF format with just 2 clicks. Choose from a variety of pre-built report templates or create your own with custom data fields.


Smart device management is crucial for time saving

Smart device management with CADMATIC Electrical saves time and prevents costly mistakes by using device template technology for managing all device-related data and creating custom equipment libraries. Adding or updating a device automatically updates all related occurrences throughout the project, including symbols and data fields.

Customer success stories

Efficiency and Excellence:

How CADMATIC Electrical transformed the electrical design of T1 Mall of Tallinn

The CADMATIC Electrical centralized data management was of critical importance in the design work of the electrical systems of T1 Mall of Tallinn shopping center

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"Although modelling with CADMATIC Electrical is easy and efficient, it is not to be taken at face value. Modelling is a key in projects where is an enormous amount of building engineering involved. Thanks to modelling, the client is able to better estimate how well the premises will match their final purpose."

Risto Kuosmanen, Project Manager

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