Construction Management

Keep construction projects on schedule and within budget

Getting construction management right is essential to deliver EPC projects on time and within budget. Some key challenges that need to be navigated include material availability and logistics, scheduling and time management, as well as welding information and material traceability.

Managing material availability and logistics is key, as disruptions in material supply chains can be more than just inconvenient; they can critically derail construction timelines. This not only escalates costs but also poses a risk to the overall success of the project.

Another significant challenge is scheduling and timeline management. Construction projects often involve multiple interconnected tasks where delays in one can cause a cascading effect on the overall timeline. This jeopardizes not just individual deadlines but also puts the entire project's budget and schedule at risk, affecting stakeholders and potentially harming reputations.

The importance of welding information and material traceability should not be overlooked. Accurate welding information is essential for quality control and compliance with industry standards. Ensuring material traceability plays a pivotal role in the safety, durability, and efficiency of the final infrastructure. Any lapses here could lead to structural weaknesses, increasing long-term maintenance costs, and potentially compromising safety.

To address these challenges and keep construction projects on track and within budget, Cadmatic offers a comprehensive construction project solution that combines the power of three integrated products tailored to deliver efficiency, transparency, and control in your construction projects: CADMATIC Construction™, CADMATIC Projects™, and CADMATIC eShare™.

Construction Software Solutions

CADMATIC Construction™

Effectively monitor and manage construction projects. Integrate diverse construction data for real-time analysis.


CADMATIC Projects™

Support and report the progress for any kind of project managed with Oracle© Primavera™ P6 and Microsoft© Project™.



Integrate, visualize, and share engineering, construction, and project scheduling information in a web portal.


Powerful construction data and project scheduling management tools meet state-of-the-art visualization in Cadmatic Construction Management.

The solution empowers you to manage both site-specific construction processes and broader site management tasks with ease. Plan construction projects more precisely and accurately track and control project timelines, thereby reducing delays and associated cost overruns.


  • Comprehensive view of construction site management & construction processes 
  • More precise construction planning
  • Enhanced tracking and control of project timelines
  • Improved warehouse management and real-time analyses of material availability
  • Greater weld management and control
  • Data visualization leads to intuitive understanding & informed decision-making
  • Greater compliance with project specifications
  • Reduced construction errors, delays, and cost overruns