P&I webinar: Learn how to automate your material management

Smooth material information flow between material management and design software improves project outcome dramatically. 

Piping lines untangled: sort out your material management easily

“Good design software should guide the user and lead the way.” In this webinar Gian Mario Tagliaretti from CLA discuss this topic and how to save time and costs by automating the management of material information workflows.

Through practical examples and use cases, we show you how project execution time can be reduced by automatically transferring material catalogue information between material management and the CAD system. By automating the management of material information flows, you can save up to 12% of project costs. He also covers how automated material management can support you in the procurement and construction phases. 

Most of the savings in the construction phase can be done already during the engineering process. A smooth construction phase cannot be guaranteed with clash-free 3D models, that is only a part of the picture. 

The webinar took place on Wednesday, March 24th 2021 and takes approximately 35 minutes. Presentation is given by our webinar guest and material management expert is Gian Mario Tagliaretti from CLA, and hosted by Kari Manner, Director, Business Development, CADMATIC. 

Since 2006, Gian Mario Tagliaretti, COO, Computer Line Associates, Italy, has been using his technical expertise to guide the company through the development of software projects for EPC markets. With extensive experience in presentations and demos, he will lead you easily become familiar with the webinar topics.