Marine Webinar on Explore the Possibilities with new Developments in Cadmatic Hull

Marine webinar: Explore the Possibilities with new Developments in Cadmatic Hull.

This webinar aims for shell specialist and production specialist, it will showcase the new possibilities with new development of Cadmatic Hull in the focused areas. Classic shell expansion which has been a long-awaited development request from SEA region which is now implemented. Different working methods of Templates with automatic template generation and copying of sight line template etc.

Focus area:

  • Possibilities to use the excel template to generate the custom BOMs and no longer have to convert the csv files to excel.
  • Inclusion of erection lines for block boundary markings on the construction parts to be used as a reference on production site.
  • A refresh of Part DXF configurations for Cadmatic user, and profile nesting sketches which gives a graphical overview of the profile nest data.
  • Weld table generated with the automatic bevels enhancing the WBD sketches to be presented with weld lines and weld data, which gives weld information at fabrication stage for different assembly stages of fabrication.

Key Take Away: Gain better understanding on how CADMATIC HULL can help in configuring production outputs, Bill of Materials, shell templates for efficient, accurate and standardized output to suit the Shipbuilding production requirement.

Who will Benefit:  Shipyards, Marine Design Engineers, Ship design Consultants, Shipbuilding Production Engineers.

  Host,                          Mishtii Hindlekar,    Marketing Head,    Cadmatic

Host, M Iqbal Safitra, Application Specialist , TBM Marine Services

Presenter,  Sales Manager, Marine,        Agathish Moorthy Cadmatic

Application Specialist, Brian Parado, ​Cadmatic