CADMATIC Floorganise General Webinar

In this webinar, we will walk you through features such as integrated (detail) planning and control, enhanced shop floor control, instant earned value recognition and utilizing the 3D model for production control purposes.

CADMATIC Floorganise general webinar

CADMATIC Floorganise enhances ship (project) planning and control processes as a Ship Production Execution System (MES) through automation and integration of engineering data, the 3D model and available IT systems (e.g. ERP, time & attendance, project planning software).

Planning, production and engineering departments and even the supply chain can work on the same model and create deeper more predictable and detailed plans on the actual 3D model in parallel. This allows for a process that follows the optimized building strategy based on the particulars of both the project as well as the yard. Processes rely on up-to-date integrated and factual data, thereby vastly reducing failure costs.

Features that will be described in the webinar are for example:

  • Integrated (detail) planning and control
  • Enhanced shop floor control
  • Instant earned value recognition
  • Utilizing the 3D model for production control purposes

The presenters in this webinar are:

Henk Kramer, Senior Sales Manager – Information Management & Planning at CADMATIC

Ronald de Vries, Managing Director of Floorganise B.V.

3D models in tablets and desktop

3D plant model on screen