eBrowser app launched in Microsoft Store with subscription options

Posted on October 02, 2020

The CADMATIC eBrowser app has been launched in Microsoft Store. Users can download the free version, start 7-day trials, or unlock full functionality and powerful project review features with flexible subscription plans.

With CADMATIC eBrowser you can virtually walk through 3D models, check for clashes, examine metadata, take measurements, leave comments and combine or compare different 3D CAD models and laser-scanned data. The direct VR interface enables virtual walk-arounds in the design models and can significantly improve the perception of as-designed models and help to facilitate the construction process.

Designers, engineers, subcontractors, and end clients can use the 3D model for easy project reviews, facilitated by the ability to walk around the design project virtually and access all data. Now there is an easy option to get a time-based subscription for the full version; the perfect solution for installation crews or short-term projects.

eBrowser for Process & Industry

eBrowser for Marine Industry

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Learn more about eBrowser functionality in the documentation portal.