CADMATIC receives positive feedback in latest customer survey

Posted on December 04, 2017

CADMATIC conducted a customer survey among its global customers in June this year. The response rate was sufficient to gain a clear view about how customers rate CADMATIC, our products and services. We are pleased to announce that our customers generally provided very positive feedback about CADMATIC. The feedback also contained valuable and concrete inputs for the future improvement and development of the company and its products.

Future-oriented, efficient and customer-oriented

Our customers recognize CADMATIC’s future-orientation, efficiency and customer-orientation. They are satisfied with CADMATIC products they currently use. The learning time is short and new functionalities are helpful. Most customers think CADMATIC is better than other products in the same category.


According to our customers, CADMATIC support is easily accessible and friendly and the solutions provided are useful. The professionalism, response time and know-how of our support is also appreciated. Based on the feedback from some customers, we are continuing our investment in shortening response times of selected support topics.


Customers gave very positive feedback about the knowledge and skills of our trainers and also constructive feedback about how CADMATIC`s training programs could deliver even more value. We are planning and implementing new and modern training methods, which we believe will be very useful and efficient for all software users.

CADMATIC Communications

According to the survey, all customers find that communication with CADMATIC sales is good. The CADMATIC website provides customers with information they need. Based on the encouraging feedback we are continuing our current investments in modern and new types of help documentation and making information available online even more easily.

8 out of 10

Based on their experience with CADMATIC products, sales contacts, training and technical support, 8 out of 10 people would recommend CADMATIC to their business partners or friends in other companies!

An improvement program

We thank you for your useful feedback and time. It encourages us to continue our current development programs and the results will be taken into account when setting even higher goals. We strive to continuously improve our own operations and empower our customers.