CADMATIC among first plant design solutions to support LICAD® V11

Posted on November 03, 2021

In early 2021, CADMATIC was one of the first plant design software solutions to provide support for the new LICAD® V11 version via CADMATIC eXchanger in the 2021T2 release. In the 2021T3 release, the integration is boosted with enhanced functionality. The interface to LICAD® V11 enables the smooth and automatic transfer of pipe support data between CADMATIC and Licad®.

LICAD® is a global software leader for industrial pipe support design that can reduce the time used for support design significantly, as much as 50%.

LICAD interface

CADMATIC interface to LICAD® V11 in a nutshell

CADMATIC interface to LICAD® V11 supports among others:

  • Instance parameters
  • Design parameters from the CADMATIC model into LICAD
  • 3D model and BOM of primary support from LICAD

Supported LICAD primary types:

  • Simple suspension for horizontal pipes
  • Clamp base / pipe shoe for horizontal pipes
  • Single beam trapeze for horizontal pipes
  • Double beam trapeze for horizontal pipes

3D geometries of supports directly from LICAD® – saves time and reduces errors

According to Matti Siltanen, CADMATIC Vice President, Customer Services, it is significant that in CADMATIC the 3D geometries of supports in the interface come directly from LICAD®.

"The 3D geometries are not based on software-related component libraries that need to be updated separately. As the geometries come directly from LICAD®, it guarantees that the latest LICAD® support geometries are always in use,” Siltanen explains

In practice, all piping and support data between CADMATIC and LICAD® are exchanged in the background without any inputs from the user. Without this kind of interface, the user would have to manually type in the support data, which can result in errors. The automatic change detection feature also ensures that LICAD® supports are checked when modifications are made to pipes that have supports.

Sami Koponen, CADMATIC Vice President – Process & Industry stresses the importance of interoperability for EPC companies.

“We understand that our EPC clients want to use the best available software programs for different tasks to be as efficient as possible. For this reason, we make it our priority to ensure that they can seamlessly use our solutions together with specialized software like LICAD®,” says Koponen.

What’s new in LICAD® 11?

LICAD® 11 includes revised load tables for clamps considering the angularity of the off-set, which can contribute to significant cost savings. Besides significantly improved intuitive handling, the new version offers the user further intelligent functional tools. New products were also added and access to standardized surface protection was adapted.