eShare user update: optimize information management in your engineering projects

This blog provides a summary of a recent webinar introducing eShare's latest updates and features. Take a short moment and hop on to your favorite digital twin platform!

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Written by Anni Toiva

Posted on February 29, 2024

As a quick recap, CADMATIC eShare’s ancestor, eBrowser, was released in 2002. At that time, eBrowser revolutionized the field by combining design and information management, presenting design data over the internet, and utilizing 3D models. 

Today, engineers worldwide use eShare in their projects and we at Cadmatic focus heavily on product development to optimize our clients' use of time and success rate during their workday.

How does it work?

The key features of eShare:

  • collecting all CAD models and documents in one place with easy-to-use permission controls
  • transitioning from a file-based to an information-sharing paradigm for all stakeholders
  • enhancing user experience through easy real-time information visualization
  • easy to share, link and visualize!

Optimizing your digital twin platform

The updated eShare introduces significant improvements such as enhanced scalability and textured meshes supporting laser scanning and photogrammetry data. Not to forget multilevel dynamic hierarchies, enabling customization of home pages and widgets, and offering alternative routes to historical data.

The new user interface brings along recent markup tracking, delivery status tabs, and advanced search functionalities. It supports large-scale projects with split-screen capabilities and now you have more rearrangement options that suit you the best.

As a summary; with the new adjustments of eShare you can modify and share information conveniently than ever!

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