Outfitting Administration — Administrator Document Production training

This training is meant for administrating document production of CADMATIC Outfitting module. A good knowledge of CADMATIC Outfitting is required. All Cadmatic Outfitting Design, Cadmatic Outfitting Administrator (Part&Specs) trainings are therefore required when participating in this course.

Elementary knowledge All Cadmatic Outfitting Design, Cadmatic Outfitting Administrator (Part&Specs) trainings + 1 month of experience

Total training days 4 days

Maximum participants 4 users

Day 1

  • COS Schema
  • Attributes & Attribute Classes
  • Project settings & Coordinate references
  • Color pallet & Surface shading
  • Customizing eBrowser publish
  • Object browser (queries, hierarchies, search, favorites, column views) Icons

Day 2

  • Document flow
  • Reserved tag names
  • Material & Header files
  • Instructions controlling generation of documents (ICGD)
  • Format control and Excel template

Day 3

  • Drawing Sheets (without & with BOM)
  • Excel Export Plus1
  • Material file customizations - PmMfile & PiCustomMfile
  • Isometric name generation
  • Isometric and Spool Break rules
  • Piping Isometrics & Spools settings
  • Annotation Property Defaults

Day 4

  • 2D symbols (text, general, symbol editor compatible)
  • Differences of text type symbols & general symbols
  • Differences between PM and Pipe Isos & Spools
  • Label definitions
  • Drafting styles, Line attributes & Layer styles
  • Drawing export configuration (for export to AutoCAD)
  • Automatic Labeling settings
  • 2D Stickers
  • Coordinate labels

1. Excel Export Plus - function enables different types of lists to be generated in Microsoft Excel format, is a separately licensed module that must explicitly be selected when installing the software.