HVAC Designer — User Duct training

This training is meant for duct designers. A good knowledge of CADMATIC Outfitting Design is required. Cadmatic Outfitting Design (Basic User, Component Modeller), User Support trainings are therefore required when participating in this course.

Elementary knowledge Cadmatic Outfitting Design (Basic User, Component Modeller) & User Support trainings

Total training days 2 1 day

Maximum participants 4-8 users

Day 1

  • User Interface (Ducting Tab, Panes, etc.)
  • Ducting context menu
  • Route Ducts
  • Penetrations
  • COS attributes
  • Apply Duct Part design Rule dialog
  • Duct Main document
  • Creating Duct spools1

1 Spool prefabrication (Duct Spools) is a separately licensed tool. A Duct Spool drawings license must be ordered for on-site training