Electrical Designer — Administrator 3D Cable Design training

This training is meant for administrating electrical design. A good knowledge of CADMATIC Outfitting Design is required. All Cadmatic Outfitting Design, Administration (Part & Specs), User 3D Cable Design trainings are therefore required when participating in this course.

Elementary knowledge All Cadmatic Outfitting Design & Administration (Part & Specs) & User 3D Cable Design trainings

Total training days 1 day

Maximum participants 4 users

Day 1

  • Cable routing related parts in library
  • User permissions
  • Cable Manager (Import/Export, Cable diagnostics, Modification of Nodal Network)
  • Options for Catalog Parts
  • Cable, Cable Tray system and lines
  • Penetration objects
  • Creating/editing documentation (Cable list, Material lists, drawings) Integration with Cadmatic Electrical1

1 Cadmatic Electrical is an electrical design software that provides design and documentation tools for electrical and automation engineering. Requires a separate license.