Administrator — Hull & Outfitting Integration training

This training is meant for administrating the Hull – Outfitting integration for CADMATIC. A good knowledge of CADMATIC Outfitting and some knowledge of CADMATIC Hull is required. All Outfitting Design and Administrator trainings are therefore required when participating in this course.

Elementary knowledge All Cadmatic Outfitting Design and Administrator trainings + 1 month of experience

Total training days 1 day

Maximum participants 4 users

Day 11

  • How to set up CADMATIC Outfitting & Hull communication
  • Set up Hull Agent and settings in CADMATIC Hull
  • Adding HCA (Hull COS Agent) support to existing COS servers Distributed design
  • Hole Manager
  • How to set up penetrations in the project and library environment

1. CADMATIC Hull Software and license must be available when training is on-site.