Hull — Basic User Training

This training is meant for structural designers. The duration of the training is four days. No specific knowledge about the software is necessary when participating in this course, except for basic knowledge about ship construction.

Elementary knowledge Basic knowledge about ship construction

Total training days 4 days

Maximum participants 6 users

Day 1

  • Introduction to the CADMATIC Hull User Interface
  • Overview of applications
  • Setting up a new block including views/drawings
  • Creating plates
  • Retrieving and storing views/drawings
  • Creating holes and deck beams
  • Creating soft seams
  • Construction presentation in Hull Viewer

Day 2

  • Profiles: splitting, shortening and lengthening
  • Creating complex plates
  • Creating welding holes, corner holes etc.
  • Manipulation options (thickness, holes, profiles, welding holes etc.)
  • Annotating and dimensioning views (text, weld symbols, etc.)
  • Special 3D-Show functions
  • Manipulation of 2D entities
  • Creating bulkhead stiffeners

Day 3

  • Plate splitting functions
  • Dimensioning functions
  • Creating profiles, brackets, girders and flanges
  • Retrieving information about parts
  • Creating cut-outs
  • Block and drawing settings
  • View manipulations
  • Copying plates and attributes
  • Creating shell frames
  • Pillars
  • Setting up a sheet drawing incl. title field
  • Creating a 3D view of the model

Day 4

  • Advanced options:
    • Creating slanted views/drawings
    • Creating slanted plates
    • Creating complex plates / stiffeners / holes
  • Knuckle function
  • Multi hole options
  • General drafting functions
  • Construction detail function
  • Copying block / removing block