Schematics user training, basic


During the training day we will create a circuit diagram with Schematics application. You will learn how to use the most important functions of the application.

Elementary knowledge

Basic knowledge about CAD drawing and software like Autocad or similar. Formal knowledge of CADMATIC Electrical layout application is not needed.

Total training days

  • 1 Online training day = 4 x 1,5 h plus breaks 

Maximum participants

6 users

Part 1

  • Creating new schema and Electrical project
  • Sheets handling
  • Queue printing
  • Locations/ID system
  • Voltage supply busbar + 3-phase wiring
  • Symbol/device inserting
  • Editing schema: Delete device, Stretch, Ortho, etc.
  • Wirings

Part 2

  • Wiring references one/multiple
  • Project tree: locations, devices, wiring etc.
  • Cables and wire connections
  • CAD-list
  • Schematics and Draw Help
  • Control circuit exercise

Part 3

  • Control circuit exercise
  • Draw terminal strip
  • Copy elements
  • Create user symbol
  • Save customer drawings
  • AutoCAD drawings to Electrical drawing sheets