Administrator — Support Designer training

This training is meant for administrating CADMATIC Support design and support drawing generation. A good knowledge of CADMATIC 3D Plant Design and support module is required. All 3D Plant Design user & Admin trainings and Support Designer User training are therefore required when participating in this course, and also some experience in the software (minimum 1 month of working with the software).

Prerequisites: All 3D Plant Design User & Admin trainings and Support Designer User training + 1 month of experience

Total training days: 1 day

Maximum participants: 4 users

  • Support templates (Standard, Custom, Wizard) Fastening materials
  • Configuration scripts for support designer
  • Primaries in Piping Specification
  • LISEGA LICAD Supports1
  • Support drawing sheets / ICGDs – special requirements Settings of support drawings
  • Support listings – special requirements

1 LISEGA LICAD Supports - The Support Designer can be integrated with the LISEGA LICAD® software. This allows the Support Designer to construct LISEGA compatible pipe supports such as hangers and clamp bases. For information on setting up the integration in CADMATIC, see LISEGA LICAD Supports.