3D Plant Design Administrator — Parts & Specifications training

This training is meant for administrating catalogue parts, specifications, bending machines and joint materials of CADMATIC 3D Plant Design. A good knowledge of CADMATIC 3D Plant Design is required. 3D Plant Design User, Component Modeller trainings are therefore required when participating in this course, and also some experience in the software (minimum 1 month of working with the software).

Prerequisites: 3D Plant Design User training, Component Modeller training + 1 month of experience

Total training days: 2-(3) days

Maximum participants: 4 users

  • Configuration Objects (Quantity definitions, Connection type & compatibilities)
  • Geometry types
  • Component geometry (Internal shapes, GDL for standard parts) Dimension tables
  • Isometric Symbols
  • Catalog parts
  • Configuration Objects (Component class, Functional code) Duct Part design rules
  • Insulation Materials
  • Slave Parts
  • Systems & Lines
  • Specifications (Piping, Duct, Cable tray, Beams, Insulation) Joint materials (bolts, nuts, gaskets etc.)
  • Plate materials
  • Bending machines
  • Construction settings (Structural unit, Miter, Nozzle, etc.)