Cadmatic Academy

Take full advantage of Cadmatic software through great training! From beginner to proficient user as fast and flexibly as possible.

Cadmatic solutions are known as easy to learn and use. We provide you with flexible training options to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

  • Get up to speed and start working on design projects faster
  • Complete projects faster
  • Enjoy self-learning courses and greatly improve the effectiveness of training
  • Flexible face-to-face and online interactive training
  • Increase your productivity
  • Manage your workload with flexible training methods and time requirements

How and where do we do training?

We normally conduct interactive training at our customer’s premises, but it can be arranged at other venues as desired. The training is conducted either face-to-face, online, or as a mixture of the two. See below for the courses we offer.

Increase the impact of training with online self-learning courses

Before you start interactive training with an instructor, it's a good idea to complete our online interactive self-learning courses. For CADMATIC 3D Plant Design, CADMATIC Outfitting, and CADMATIC Hull courses, sign up here. For online CADMATIC Electrical materials, please sign up via the myCADMATIC portal. These courses greatly increase the impact of instructor-led training.

Cadmatic customers with a maintenance agreement automatically have access to these courses. If you don't have an agreement then you can apply for access instead. 

Self-study helps you become familiar with the software functionality in a flexible way, which you can later supplement with interactive training. You’ll have access to the course materials any time later too.

The self-learning courses consist of topics users need to learn and related practical tasks they complete to practice implementation. What you get:

  • Video tutorials
  • Course handouts & materials
  • Course dashboard (follow training progress)
  • Discussion boards

What training courses do we offer?

Click on your area of interest to browse the courses we have available. If you have any queries just pop us an email to We can’t wait to get you started with your training.