Upgrading to Cadmatic next-generation design software

Next-generation software for the next generation of software users.

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Why you may be looking to change your CAD software

  • Your existing systems have reached the end of their life cycle 
  • Your current system lacks interoperability, transparency, and accessibility
  • Design and engineering are changing – You don't want vendor lock-in to limit use of best-in-class solutions
  • Lack of resources to manage current solution administration

What you get when you upgrade to Cadmatic


We support you throughout the process

When you are ready to upgrade, you can count on Cadmatic’s full support throughout the implementation process. We have the tools and experience to import your current projects, specifications etc. into Cadmatic to get you working fast.


Flexible licensing and great value for your money

We offer you a range of flexible licensing options to suit your needs. You can purchase permanent licenses as a one-time purchase, subscription licenses, or for a monthly fee. Depending on your needs, your license can be a workstation license or a so-called multi-user license.


We'll assist you to become more digital, faster

  • Next level technology that makes design work easier
  • Simpler system that requires less effort
  • Even faster deployment
  • More features and functionalities than in traditional design solutions

Better ways to run and modernize your EPC projects

If you work in an EPC company, you’ll understand the constant pressures to be more efficient and optimize your engineering, procurement and construction operations. At some stage, you’ve probably questioned whether your current design software is meeting your needs and whether upgrading to a next-generation software would help you grow your business.

You may have several reasons why you're not entirely happy with your current CAD software provider, and they are all valid reasons to upgrade to next-generation software:

Upgrading to next-generation CAD software

Considerations and best practices

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"When you visualize data in a realistic digital image of the plant, it dramatically improves the quality of information conveyed to the user. It gives the site management a much greater amount of information in a single screenshot, this assists the site management to take more effective operational decisions."

Massimiliano Del Rio, Construction Methodologies and Systems Manager

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