eShare for Owners and Operators

The ideal platform to create a digital twin of industrial facilities – a single window to all facility-related data.

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Key benefits

  • A digital twin reduces the operational costs and streamlines maintenance and operations processes
  • Access latest, up-to-date and correct information for effective decision making to ensure safety, optimize production and quality
  • Visualize the asset, check its status, perform analysis and generate insights to predict and optimize asset performance
  • Streamline updating processes when all information is immediately updated, and data is always compliant
eShare for Owners and Operators

eShare is the ideal platform to create a digital twin of industrial facilities – a single window to all facility-related data. Integrate the 3D model, engineering data, 3D captured data from laser scans, as well as the plant’s operational and maintenance data. Find, visualize and share project and asset information in a single, independent, and easily accessible web portal.

3D models from different formats are in general at least 10 times smaller and easier to handle in eShare. It can be enriched with data from 3D point clouds and various reports and linked documentation. Inspection data can be linked from the maintenance system and visualized without additional efforts for integration. The central storage of comments allows eShare to be used as a discussion board and for change management tracking.



Standardized way of accessing all facility related data

  • One window to all facility related data: easy access to data from different sources and handling of different data types 
  • Facility related data accessible for all involved in operational and maintenance processes


Manage digital twin of the asset in easy-to-use platform

  • Follow project progress and minimize the impact of changes during re-engineering and revamping
  • Facilitation of revamping phase with status information updates for dismantling


Safeguard future plant operation – a feasible way to digitalize information

  • Collect and combine 3D models and add laser-scanned data for up-to-date information 
  • Add information on top of 3D model and links to operational systems

SCA Obbola

Paper plant introduces digital twin for seamless access to up-to-date data on demand.

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"Thanks to eShare we can find all the plant information we need easily and fast, and in the same place. "

Christer Björk, Project Engineer and CADMATIC Administrator

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