eShare for Marine projects in detail

Go beyond 3D browsing - all project related data linked in one web portal.

eShare is not just a 3D browser, it is a web portal where all project data stored with an optimal setup. The 3D model plays an essential role in linking all other data together: 2D drawings, point clouds from 3D capturing with Laser Scanners, information about the project building progress, maintenance and service systems and much more.

See below main use cases presented and explained.

Browse 3D model and view data about any object with one click.

Data can be published to eShare from the CADMATIC design applications, loaded from external files or databases or linked with other systems: PDM/PLM, maintenance tracking or ERP.

Linked 3D model and 2D drawings provide a unique experience in eShare.

With one click on a 2D drawing, you can find the item in the 3D model and all other related documents. The 3D model is no longer just an additional instance, but the central connecting hub of the whole project.

Facilitate project change management using the 3D model as a discussion board.

Store comments saved on top of 3D model with labels and dimensions, use the possibility to compare it with previous statuses or send an email with the attached picture.

Add more information on top of the 3D model and use all the data for decision facilitation.

Smart points in the model can store silent knowledge or even be linked with data from instruments. The extensive search functionality allows the location of any needed information. Any data from eShare can be used for visualization purposes.