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CADMATIC Electrical – Electrical Design Software

Unleash the power of a fully integrated, single-software CAD solution to handle every aspect of electrical, automation, and instrumentation design.

The database-based CAD solution to streamline electrical engineering

From basic to detailed projects, CADMATIC Electrical ensures up-to-date, error-free deliverables with its interconnected CAD environment and intelligent data management. Reduce manual inputs and enhance data integrity, allowing engineers to focus on innovation and efficiency with smart, flexible, and customizable workflows. Integrate seamlessly with other design disciplines to accelerate project timelines and improve overall project quality.

Manage all your electrical documentation centrally in one integrated design application

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Diagrams: Single- and multi-line diagrams
Wiring, instrumentation loop, key single-line, load diagrams, etc.

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Electrical arrangement drawings: 2D floorplans LV, ELV + 3D BIM models
Lighting, outlets, cable ways, cabling, security, communication etc.

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Reports and lists: Excel, CAD, PDF
Cable, wiring, device, I/O, instrument, document lists etc.

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Cabinet layout: 2D and 3D, layouts of cabinets
Panel layouts, cabinet drawings etc.

Key technical features

  • Generate and reuse options for efficient design
  • Intelligent data management complemented with easy navigation
  • Optimize teamwork with multi-user and database features
  • Integrate with Excel and other Cadmatic design applications
  • Global symbol libraries with more than 10 000 intelligent symbols (IEC, ANSI, GB/T)
  • Centralized data management means you create data once, but for multiple uses; editing data in one place updates it in all occurrences
  • Integrate all your BIM modeling and electrical, instrumentation, and automation documentation in one package
  • One window to access all your project data. Check, supplement, and edit (also mass edit) all project data in a sophisticated and fast way

Choose the work methods that suit you best

CADMATIC Electrical lets you work how you want to. Develop your design processes to match your customer requirements.


Intelligent object and data management

Cadmatic makes your work simpler. Find and compare any object to track changes and ensure your project integrity.


Guaranteed project quality with automated reports

CADMATIC Electrical automatically generates reports in multiple list or graphical formats that can be quickly and easily updated.

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CADMATIC Electrical for Industries

CADMATIC Electrical - Solution for building electrical design

CADMATIC Electrical is the most comprehensive BIM software on the market for electrical design of buildings.

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CADMATIC Electrical - Solution for Marine electrical & automation

CADMATIC Electrical is a comprehensive solution for the different design and documentation needs of electrical and automation engineering in the Marine industry.

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CADMATIC Electrical - Solution for Process & Industry electrical & automation

CADMATIC Electrical and automation software solutions for engineering and 3D electrical design needs in Process & Industry

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Cadmatic offers

Flexible licensing options

As a Cadmatic customer, you decide how you want to obtain your license. You can purchase permanent licenses as a one-time purchase, subscription licenses, or for a monthly fee.

Depending on your needs, your license can be a workstation license or a so-called multi-user license.

Implementation, support, and process advice

We understand that you have unique requirements and needs, and we are ready to do everything necessary to support you in achieving your design objectives. Our Electrical application specialists have extensive expertise and understanding of industry-specific needs.

Successful onboarding to CADMATIC Electrical can also be done independently at your own pace using our abundant e-learning materials and support services.

Extendable based on your needs and growth plans

The Electrical product family ensures the perfect fit between software features and cost-effectivity.

Depending on your design needs, you can choose an efficient tool for documentation needs (Lite or Basic) or the real “powerhouse” – our database-based design tool (Premium).

Not only does Premium allow you to achieve the highest effectiveness in electrical and automation engineering, it also facilitates multidisciplinary collaboration and integrations with other Cadmatic products.

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