SIAD Gains Efficiency with CADMATIC Plant Design Software.

SIAD Macchine Impianti S.p.A is one of CADMATIC’s more recent customers in Italy. With their head office located in Bergamo, SIAD is specialized in the design of gas production plants, compressors and automation. They started using CADMATIC Plant Design software in 2015.

SIAD purchased CADMATIC software because it trusted that CADMATIC would speed up their design processes and make them more efficient. Mr. Casalinuovo, Mechanical Design Discipline Manager at SIAD, indicates that the biggest advantage of using CADMATIC is “sharing designs with external offices and being able to customize our database as much as possible”.

At the moment, SIAD is working on an air fractionating plant situated in Sicily, Italy, which is being designed for the Owner/Operator SOL. The project is being done at three different SIAD offices: Bergamo, Rome and Siracusa. 

“We supply the Coldbox package, skids and all the equipment. The interconnecting pipelines will be constructed in the field, based on our design,” Mr. Casalinuovo says.

To optimize the engineering phase between offices, SIAD makes use of CADMATIC CoDesigner. CoDesigner efficiently stores 3D ship models, documents and component libraries in master and replica databases hosted by a database server system that in turn is synchronized. This ensures that everyone can work easily on the project on up-to-date designs.

CADMATIC is mainly being used for piping at SIAD. They are, however, currently considering using CADMATIC for cable modelling for a new smart liquid plant designed by SIAD Macchine Impianti.