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Engineering company implements CADMATIC to gain technological edge and improve bottom line.

Customer challenge

  • Due to increased competition, need for engineering software tool that can provide a technological edge and improve bottom line.

CADMATIC solution

  • User friendliness and overall strong CADMATIC package leads to implementation in 2017. Successful design of challenging agro intermediate plant leads to CADMATIC being used for all future projects.

"We are very satisfied with the support we get. CADMATIC’s support engineers are always available to help and the hands-on training was excellent”. – Pankaj Shroff

Shroff & Associates (Engineers) Pvt. Ltd. (Shroff) celebrated 25 years of service in 2015. The company has been engaged in providing engineering services on an EPCM basis and has built more than 175 plants to date. CADMATIC software became part of the Shroff success story in January 2017, when Shroff implemented CADMATIC 3D Plant Design software for detailed engineering.

Shroff is headquartered in Mumbai, India. Since 1989 they have been offering a wide variety of engineering and related technical services to chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical and allied product plants.

The company employs more than 150 experienced engineers who have extensive knowledge in the process, piping, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, civil and HVAC disciplines.

With increasing competition and demanding clients, Shroff felt the need to invest in an engineering software tool that could provide it with a technological edge and improve their bottom line.

CADMATIC implementation

In 2016, Shroff embarked on a process of evaluating potential new design software packages. After the thorough evaluation process, Shroff decided on CADMATIC due to the user-friendliness of the software. 

Schroff management believes CADMATIC works well for engineers because the software was developed by engineers. 

“CADMATIC’s support engineers are always available to help and the hands-on training was excellent.” 
Some of the Shroff team members that work with CADMATIC software.

According to Mr. Pankaj Shroff, the company’s engineers have been impressed with CADMATIC’s strong and compact database, as well as the ease with which it can be managed. Overall, the software package and services have made a good impression. The purchase decision was made in December 2016 and was followed by training and implementation. 

CADMATIC is used mainly for preparing structural, equipment, piping, electrical and instrumentation 3D models. According to Shroff management, CADMATIC has a very short learning curve and they were quickly able to start using CADMATIC software in live projects. The company has already successfully completed several demanding plant design projects with CADMATIC software. 

“We think the graphics of the software look really good and the online clash detection is a highly welcome addition. We are very satisfied with the support we get. CADMATIC’s support engineers are always available to help and the hands-on training was excellent”.

Challenging Agro Intermediate Plant Project

Shroff has recently completed a very critical project which had a tough schedule with the use of CADMATIC Software. The large model includes about 600 pieces of equipment, 3500 pipelines and 3000 tons of structural elements. The challenges on the project included managing the pipeline and increasing automation within the footprints of the plant and working in parallel with all disciplines. 

“CADMATIC’s online clash detection feature helped us to identify and resolve issues as we worked. Considering the advantages CADMATIC software provides, our management has decided to use CADMATIC for all our future projects.”

A CADMATIC 3D model created by Shroff & Associates. 

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