Metsä Board Husum

Goes mobile with eGo

Paperboard manufacturer uses CADMATIC eGo for information management during on-site visits to plant. 

Customer challenge

  • Need to make on-site visits more effective during new extrusion coating line project.


  • CADMATIC eGo allows browsing the plant 3D model on a Windows tablet while walking through the plant.

"eGo is especially useful to avoid collisions and also it gives our suppliers a chance to see what the plant will look when it’s fully installed” – Torbjörn Sjödin, Part Project and Installation Manager

In April 2017 Metsä Board Husum announced the start-up of a new extrusion coating line at its Husum mill in Sweden. The new state-of the-art coating line has an annual capacity of about 100,000 tonnes and represented an investment of EUR 38 million. CADMATIC software was used extensively for the design of the project, which also saw the introduction of CADMATIC’s mobile model review tool eGo.

The extrusion coating line serves the global food service market and offers improved availability and competitive products. The paperboards are made of pure and renewable fresh fibres and are a preferred alternative to plastics for cups, plates and other takeaway packaging as well as for frozen food packaging.

The Metsä Board Husum mill is an integrated board and pulp mill that produces fresh fibre folding boxboard, white kraftliner as well as bleached market pulp. The production facilities are located in Husum Sweden at the entrance to the High Coast on the Gulf of Bothnia.

Metsä Board Husum has been an active user of CADMATIC software since 1997, when it was first introduced for the design of an evaporation plant. Since then it has been widely used for different plant projects, most recently for the conversion of a paper machine into a cardboard machine in 2015, and the design of the new coating line that was launched earlier this year.

Besides Metsä Board Husum, the Metsä Joutsen and Metsä Kaskinen pulp mills have also standardized CADMATIC as their design systems; they host their own CADMATIC 3D models and databases and distribute design work to their suppliers with the CADMATIC CoDesigner.

Mobile 3D viewer eGo -a surprise package

CADMATIC eBrowser was used during the 2015 paper machine conversion project by all project parties to communicate project progress and allow the different parties to review and comment on the design work. These parties included engineering companies, Pöyry installation personnel, butting personnel from the project owner, as well as Metsä Board Husum staff. 

The benefits that eBrowser brings to project communication are well documented, whereas those of its younger mobile brother, eGo (eBrowser on the go) are not as well known. In Metsä Board Husum’s coating machine project, the company decided to implement eGo in order to get the most out of on-site visits. With eGo they are able to browse the plant 3D model on a Windows tablet while walking through the plant. 

Metsä Board Husum staff members have been pleasantly surprised by how much punch eGo packs. Torbjörn Sjödin, MB Husum Part Project and Installation Manager, indicates that eGo surprised them very positively. 

“We have used eBrowser for a long time, but eGo took our model review mobility to an entirely new level. Our engineering supplier ÅF Consult also made use of eGo on the project. It is especially useful to avoid collisions and also it gives our suppliers a chance to see how the plant will look when it’s fully installed,” says Sjödin.

eGo linked with eShare

In addition to providing almost all the features of eBrowser in a small mobile package, eGo trumps eBrowser in one important aspect: it is linked with eShare. In practice this means that a model published from eShare to eGo contains all the attributes of the model and, as such, is much more that a mobile eBrowser file. Inspection staff have direct access to attributes like installed, not installed, due for maintenance etc. Any discrepancies noticed during site visits can be modified during the inspection. 

According to Sjödin, Metsä Board Husum is always looking at new technologies that can assist the company to improve projects and assist the staff in the carrying out their work more efficiently. 

“At the moment we working together with CADMATIC representatives to look at the possibilities of implementing eShare linked to eGo,” Sjödin reveals. 

The new EUR 38 million Metsä Board extrusion coating line was started up in April 2017. Torbjörn Sjödin, MB Husum Part Project and Installation Manager, has been positively surprised by eGo and how it helps to avoid collisions.

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