CES Complete Engineering Solutions – Intelligent engineering with smart 3D models

CES celebrates 20 years of success

High interoperability helps engineering & consulting company to reduce design time by 15%

Customer challenge

  • Software has limited compatibility with other CAD tools and files. 
  • Need to manually insert different parts of the plant in the 3D model, e.g. building & HVAC.
  • Big projects with large amounts of information could lead to crashes or require vast resources to work properly.

Cadmatic solution

  • Compatible with wide range of CAD tools and files. 
  • Compatibility with other CAD tools means no need to manually insert different parts. 15% time saving compared to previous software.
  • Handles large projects without crashing. Runs on standard PCs and networks, no special hardware investments required

“Cadmatic offers everything we need to conduct our work and more...It proved to be much more efficient than our previous software” – Stefan Molnar, CES Deputy Manager

Learn how your engineering company can reduce design times by 15% with high interoperability

In 2020, CES Complete Engineering Solutions from Romania is celebrating 20 years of successful engineering and consulting. The Cluj-Napoca-based company offers smart plant and process engineering in domains like the food industry (breweries, dairies and juices), chemical industry (detergents, cosmetics), and pharmaceutical industry.

A key factor behind CES’ accomplishments over the years has been its ability to optimize resource allocation for its customers, which it defines as the intelligent use of time, space, materials and human resources. Smart Cadmatic models have assisted the company in its optimization quest by saving time and improving the accuracy of design projects.

3D Plant model

Smart 3D models

Cadmatic was implemented at CES in 2014. At the time, CES were looking to replace software that had limited compatibility with other CAD tools.

“We also had an increasing need for more accurate and fast 3D models and a 3D modeling software that could help us to deliver a quality product with greater efficiency. As with any new software implementation, there were challenges, but we can safely say that it was worth it. Cadmatic proved to be much more efficient than our previous software,” says Stefan Molnar, CES Deputy Manager.
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Stefan indicates that Cadmatic smart 3D models are highly appreciated at CES.

“A neat trick in Cadmatic is that it can export smart 3D models in multiple formats. We call them smart as they can convey a large amount of information to the viewer. We can generate models with any information needed. For pipes, for example, we can input the pipeline name, material, insulation, medium inside, weight and others,” Stefan adds.

For Stefan, the greatest benefits CES has achieved by using Cadmatic is the time savings and high accuracy. He estimates that CES saves on average 15% in design hours on projects via Cadmatic’s compatibility with other CAD tools, which has eliminated the need to manually insert different parts of the plant in 3D model, e.g. building & HVAC.

“Once we got used to the software, piping design has been running smoothly and most modifications and additions are made with ease, thanks to the many smart Cadmatic features.”
3D Plant model

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