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The ultimate project review tool allows users to walk through the 3D model, combine several models in one, or compare models. Free trial, no credit card needed.

The ultimate project review tool

CADMATIC eBrowser - made for designers, engineers, subcontractors and end clients

Key benefits

  • Possibility to upload point clouds with photorealistic panoramic views
  • Walk through the project virtually, check all the details of any object
  • Use markups for change management and discussions with other project partners
  • Load point clouds to compare new designs and existing structures

eBrowser for Process & Industry

The ultimate project review tool allows users to walk through the 3D model or point clouds, combine several models into one or compare models. One can check collisions, easily locate and check details about any object, get dimensions and also make markups for project coordination and change management.

eBrowser can serve as a discussion board - everyone can store their markups with comments about the model or particular parts.

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You can download an example model of an industrial plant here

Download plant model


Project coordination and collaboration

Designers, engineers, subcontractors, and end clients are linked to a 3D model that allows easy project reviews, facilitated by the ability to virtually walk around the design area and access all design data. The use of smart visualization techniques makes the 3D models very light. This makes distribution by email or over the Internet, for example, very easy.

Check models for clashes

In addition to efficient browsing of 3D models, comparison tools and storing discussions, it is now possible to check for collisions directly in eBrowser. The collision detector inside eBrowser enables users to gain deeper insight into the 3D model and combine 3D models from different sources and check consistency between disciplines

Point clouds in eBrowser

The user can load point clouds into eBrowser and merge them with a 3D model for visual comparison and distance measurements. Photopanoramic views optimize point cloud data and provide the possibility to jump from one location to another.

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